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  • Magento Solr Search Extension

    Solr Search Extension

    Brainvire Solr Search Extension for Magento is one of the best extensions that make your customers feel too comfortable and let them search and find the products they are searching for easily and quickly. It has also ability for Layered Navigation Filter. They get not only quick, but also relevant results.

    Demo | Details

  • Imagine Attribute With Swatch Extension Configuration

    Imagine Attribute With Swatch

    Magento Imagine attribute with swatch Extension enables store owners to add icons and images that are more user friendly than textual information. Icons and images provide customers with a better shopping experience that include pictures along with the product information.

    Demo | Details

  • Magento One Step Checkout Extension

    One Step Checkout Extension

    Magento One Step Checkout Extension allows users to fill all the required information for the checkout process without having to refresh the page hence simplifying the process.

    Demo | Details

  • Magento Shipping per Item

    Shipping per Item

    Magento Shipping Per Item Extension enables store owners to customize the shipping rates according to the type of products and where they are shipped to. 

    Demo | Details

  • Magento AJAX Cart Extension

    AJAX Cart Extension

    The Magento AJAX Cart Extension allows user to add, update and remove products from their shopping cart in a much easier way without the need of page reloading or refreshing.

    Demo | Details

    Regular Price: $79.00

    Special Price: $49.00

  • Magento Order Attributes Extension

    Order Attributes Extension

    Magento Order Attributes Extension lets you add the extra fields to the check out page so as to deliver the product on the right time at the right place to the right person.

    Demo | Details

  • Magento Config List Extension

    Config List Extension

    Brainvire Config List extension for Magento lets you select the attributes of the configurable products and then add them to cart from the list page itself.

    Demo | Details

  • Magento Order By Sku Extension

    Order By Sku Extension

    One of the best ways to order the products online easily and quickly is with the help of Magento Order by SKU extension. It lets you add the items in the cart by their SKU.

    Demo | Details

  • Magento Contact Form Extension

    Contact Form Extension

    Magento Contact Form Extension provides you the facility of selecting departments to which you want to send the mail and lets you browse and upload the image; both the things in the contact form itself.

    Demo | Details

  • Magento OnSale View Extension

    OnSale View Extension

    Magento OnSale View Extension helps you attract the potential customers with visually appealing graphical labels about special offers over the specific products.

    Demo | Details

    Regular Price: $39.00

    Special Price: $19.00

  • Magento Order Success Extension

    Order Success Extension

    Magento Order Success extension provides you an opportunity to get all the order related information on the check out page instead of only the ‘Thank you for placing order’-like messages. This easy-to-install extension enables you to view all your order details on the check out success page.

    Demo | Details

  • Order Import Export Extension Configuration

    Order Import Export Extension

    Order Import Extension for Magento enables users to transfer orders to another ecommerce store in one go during migration. A busy ecommerce store sees a bulk of orders on a daily basis. It's a challenge to process each order when migrating to another ecommerce store!

    Demo | Details

  • Customer Attributes Extension

    Customer Attributes Extension

    Collect data from customers effortlessly by adding attributes using the Customer Attributes Extension from Magento. Unlimited attributes can be created by adding fields to the registration page, and all this information can be easily viewed on the grid view for a Magento Admin.

    Demo | Details

  • Order Followup Email Extension Configuration

    Order Followup Email Extension

    Order Follow up Email extension for magento allows you to send an auto-response email to the customer, which helps store owners enhance user interaction effectively.

    Demo | Details

    Regular Price: $69.00

    Special Price: $49.00

  • Abandoned Cart Extension Configuraton

    Abandoned Cart Extension

    Abandoned Cart Extension for Magento enables users to follow up with customers who added products to their shopping cart but did not buy! The fact that customers added the product to their cart, means that they were interested in your products! Capitalize on this opportunity!

    Demo | Details

  • Brainvire EasyConfigurable Extension For Magento

    Easyconfigurable Extension

    You need not waste your time in creating the simple associated products manually and then assigning them to the configurable product. Easy Configurable Extension saves a lot of time as well as efforts.

    Demo | Details

  • Magento Grouped Options Extension

    Grouped Options Extension

    Grouped Options Extension for Magento helps customer to streamline their shopping experience by letting them order the Simple Products with custom options and Configurable Products associated with Grouped Products, all from the same page.

    Demo | Details

  • Brainvire RewriteDataFlow Extension

    Rewritedataflow Extension

    Brainvire Rewrite Data Flow extension for Magento lets you import and export Magento URL rewrite and other data to and from database, which works the best for the search engine optimization as well.

    Demo | Details

  • Magento Delete Order Extension

    Delete Order Extension

    Delete Order Extension for Magento allows you to delete the order in the online store. This extension simplifies the way of deleting order via an Action drop-down box.

    Demo | Details

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