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Stepping into the 21st century, customers anticipate everything outstanding from the bike’s headlight to the seats. Of course, the bikes are manufactured and sold by the craftsman to delight the customers. When the customers come to your bike store, they expect the superior experience in return of the huge bucks they are spending. Embrace Magento based bike BvPOS solution to better manage the store operations and design seamless checkout experience.

Get Control Over Your Inventory

A bike store does not necessarily just sell bikes. Instead, the shop may have bike-related items such as pumps, wheels, frames, or a gear in the stock. The POS solution would you help in getting the complete visibility into the inventory and automatically update the inventory when any transaction made or new items added alongside alleviating the out-of-stock nightmares that impact your sales.


Card Reader in BvPOS is meant for the safe and secured payment transactions using credit card and debit card and signatures are captured and stored digitally safely.


This wireless barcode scanner enables the long range barcode scanning and high battery life.


This durable and dependable cash drawer is specifically made for cash payments so as to keep cash safe.


This fast, reliable and wireless printer is easy to setup and lets you print custom receipts.

Make The Checkout Plain-Sailing

Yes, now checkout has become the process of the matter of minutes. The POS system accepts all types of payment as cash or through Star Card, Eagle Card and credit card payments via PayPal only. So, the customers step into your store, select the bike, swipe the card, collect the receipt and go out happily. How easy is that?

Manage Online And Offline Sale In One Place

With Ecommerce platform integration, bike stores can sell the products online and in-store as well. Managing and keeping a record of the sales across multiple locations, and online is quite a task. With POS solution, the complete retail and online sales and transactions, and the customers can be managed through a single dashboard. No hassle of managing the data at different places.

Gain Insights To Make Your Business Shine

With a single click, the bike stores can get the real-time reporting and analytics that helps them to keep the tabs on the inventory, sales, and customers even in the peak hours. It helps them in making data-driven decisions that give wings to the business.

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