Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm by proving its mettle in almost every sector and industry by enhancing and speeding up their growth process. And we have been very kind in welcoming all the technological changes that have evolved the way businesses work. E-commerce is one of those privileged sectors where AI has been offering opportunities like creating intelligent virtual assistants, market analysis, etc. This is the era where online selling and buying of products and services is more preferred as it saves two most required and important factors- time and efforts.

To hit the spot, businesses are now striving to deliver quality services within the given time-frame. In order to conquer the customer world, they have started leveraging AI to gather and analyze data in real time, enhance search results, streamline heavy processes, personalize consumer experience, etc. B2B e-commerce needs a more aligned and sophis
ticated business process to manage cash flows, maintain customer relationships, deliver top-notch customer support.

Therefore, we are going to discuss some of the ways in which AI has been improving B2B e-commerce.

  1. Improved Business Decisions

With the help of AI, businesses have started creating their websites to give more personalized experiences to customers. Businesses can now recognize the customer’s shopping patterns, history, and choices and align their recommendations accordingly. This way customer does not have to waste much time searching for the desired products. This makes marketing campaign more automated and it also optimizes the reordering process. It helps them create a strategy with less future gaps.

  1. Product Search Made Easy!

Search results have been enhanced with the inclusion of AI in B2B e-commerce. Buyers are no more required to depend on product catalogs to search for products. Image recognition, one of the prominent features, lets buyers search for a product using its picture by their smartphone. This means they do not have to waste their time searching the name and details of that product, only its picture will do. The applications show results based on user’s search history too.

  1. Deliver a Great Customer Service

Virtual assistants, also known as talking software or chatbots, are a flawless creation of AI that are providing customers with 24*7 assistance without fail. Now businesses can give customers a personalized experience making them feel more privileged. For instance, you can message customers daily disclosing your deals or offers of the day or give them individual discounts or coupons. It is expected that the users spending on VPAs (Virtual Personal Assistants) will increase drastically with time.

  1. Get Real-time Information

Extracting useful and critical data from larger resources has become a lot easier for e-commerce businesses. With this feature, identifying buyer behaviors and shopping patterns is accompanied to improvise product offerings. This inspires marketing and also increases the sales. Few other functionalities like stock control process, automated tracking and reordering are streamlined to generate income.

  1. Manage Online Reputation

Everyone knows online business runs on customer reviews and feedback which affects your brand’s reputation.  Any bad or negative comment or review has the potential to tarnish your reputation ultimately impacting your sales. Amazingly, opposite to our expectations, some of the reviews are fake and are not authentic. This is where AI comes into the role to fight astroturfing by eliminating fake reviews. For example – Amazon uses Artificial Intelligence to get rid of fake product reviews to protect the start rating from falling down.


Implementing AI to e-commerce is going to enhance the performance of your B2B business and will shifts your business to proactive selling online. It is imperative that you explore all the possibilities of effective B2B marketing using AI to eliminate any gap in current business processing. Connect with us and we will make sure your business reach heights seeking advantage from the right technology.




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