The Conversion Rate Of Your Shopping Cart

Have you hired the company that provides the best eCommerce Magento development services? Do you have the best online store? Do you still face the low conversion rate problem? If the answers to your questions are yes, you have landed up on the right page, as this blog will help you identify your problem and the fix it to double your conversion rate. You might have the perfect look and feel of your online shopping website and you might still not get more customers. Well, you are not alone in this and it is completely normal.


Amidst all the important elements like design, navigation, contact form, search box and check out process, to name a few, you might forget to focus on sign up form. Well, it plays an important role in your online store. It affects the number of visitors converting into customers. So, make sure you optimize your sign up process to increase your customers. There are a few points which you must keep in mind in order to convert more visitors into customers. So, let us take a look at some of the most important tips that will help you double the conversion rate of your shopping cart…


Don’t go too personal: No matter how much you try to earn the trust of your customers by making them aware of the non disclosure and privacy policies, they hesitate when it comes to giving their personal information to you. Some of them even hesitate to give their phone numbers; so you can’t expect them to give their credit card details. So, try to ask for the least personal information, so that they don’t avoid you.


Remove irrelevant fields: Think practical when it comes to adding fields in the sign up form. When you already have an email address, you don’t need phone number. So, instead of simply copying what others are doing, use your own logic and remove all the unnecessary fields.


Show it is safe: You can make most users fill up the form by sounding confident and gaining their trust. Return and refund policy will help you do this. If you put up the tag like ‘guaranteed returns’ in 15 0r 30 days and trust worthy refund policy, users will not hesitate filling up the form.


Tell them why you need it: Mention in privacy policy, the reason behind taking all the information from them. If they know it when, where, why and how you are going to use the information they give you, it will help you to gain their trust.


Optimize sign up process: Even if you have got a lot of information to collect, make sure you make the form look small and interactive. Keep the flow smooth, remove the redundant fields and quick it up with auto filling options to make it optimized.


Keep the optional fields: If user comes across the form that has got fields which he is allowed to skip, he feels at ease. The more optional fields, the more he feels liberated and the more are chances to get the form filled up.


Now that you are aware of some of the most important tips and tricks to optimize your sign up form, it is advisable for you to put it into practice so as to double your conversion rate. Good luck for the same!

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