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Shopping experiences and needs are changing the way e-commerce businesses work! E-commerce stores are trying out all the possible marketing techniques to provide people with every kind of service or product that they need at their doorstep. The competition in the market is becoming more and more aggressive and stringent as consumers now have too many options to shop from. If they don’t like one brand, they switch to another at the blink of an eye.

Online stores are now busy providing their customers with the unrivaled shopping experience. But only a few of them realize that this is incomplete without proper support and assistance. Presently, chatbots are trending and businesses are trying to leverage from it and make the shopping experience more beautiful for its clients.

Chatbots are Revolutionizing E-commerce Industry

Chatbots are nothing but talking software or algorithms that are designed to gather customer data, perform multitasking, boosts leads, increase revenue through cross-selling and up-selling, manage sales services, reduce human work and resource, etc. Ultimately, Chatbots help in enhancing the conversion rates by proactively interacting with customers and providing instant support to them.

Facebook Messenger Bots- Reforming Online Shopping Experience

As known Facebook is the largest social media platform with more than 2.27 million active users monthly. Businesses benefit from this social media platform by promoting their brands on it. Facebook Messenger bots are providing an opportunity for businesses to move consumers through the sales funnel and boost sales.

Let us comprehend how businesses can leverage from Facebook messenger bot-

1. Offer Discount Codes and Coupons

Who does not like discounts, deals and offer coupons while shopping? ‘Saving whilst shopping’ is the ultimate motto of customers. Therefore, businesses can lure customers by informing them about the upcoming or ongoing sale on your e-commerce store through messenger bot.

You may offer time bound coupon codes and influence them to buy something from you quickly before it vanishes from their hands. Now, because the conversation is carried out on messenger bot, it becomes very easy for the customers to seek extra information on the same.

2. Reduce the Cart Abandonment Rate

With the help of this virtual assistant, available 24/7, you can aid your customers in picking the right choice. You can discuss the latest trends and fashion with the customers and also notify them about the new featured stock that has arrived at the store. This makes them feel prioritized. The most important thing among all is that you can prevent cart abandonment by reminding them about the product left in their cart.

You can also warn them about the possibility of the product to go OUT-OF-STOCK. Also, when a customer asks about the product related to complicated specifications, you can redirect the customer directly to your website.

3. Smooth Implementation of Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Techniques

Up-selling refers to the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the recent one. And, cross-selling refers to the practice of inviting customers to buy similar or related items. With the help of analytical algorithms used by Facebook, you can have information about customer’s browsing history along with their geographic location. Using that information, you can make more appropriate and relevant suggestions to your customers personally.

Try up-selling and cross-selling of other relevant products to the customers but do not get too pushy. It might ruin their mood to shop. Hence, with the help of messenger chatbot, you can give your users a personalized shopping experience.

4. Easily Respond to Queries, Complaints, and Feedbacks

Did you know- you can lose most of your valuable customers if you keep on ignoring their requests on various social media platforms? With the help of messenger bot, you can give quick-witted response to any type of queries and complaints of your customers. Apart from assisting customers, reacting to their positive and negative feedback generates credibility and authority for your brand. A prompt response is enough to calm down a frustrated customer.

5. Send Prompt Notifications

It feels like reaching a milestone when a customer buys from your online store. You can make the customer feel more privileged by providing personalized ‘after-shopping’ assistance with the help of messenger bot. You can keep your customers informed about the delivery details, such as shipping day and time of the product, reaching time, contact with the delivery staff, etc. This increases their loyalty to your brand.

Are You in the League?

In this era, offering efficient and prompt customer services are necessary to build trust for your brand among customers. The reason behind saying this is there are several e-commerce stores present in the market to compete. So, losing on any area of customer satisfaction can degrade your reputation in the market and scale down the conversion rates.

Hence, the only way to be a king of the market is to keep your customers engaged with your brand all the time. Facebook Messenger bot helps you get a competitive edge over other e-commerce marketers. If you haven’t yet considered developing a bot for your business, get it from us NOW!


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