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The conversion rates these days depend upon the user experience which ultimately depends upon the designers. So, the Magento eCommerce development companies hire only highly skilled and experienced designers who do it all to provide customers the pleasure and benefits of offline shopping experience into an online store. Well, the navigation of the online and offline stores is completely different. In the brick and mortar stores and malls, you might have seen how strategically they put the low cost items near the billing counters. These are the items you don’t need it badly, but you feel like adding to your shopping cart, as it doesn’t add much to your billing amount. This doesn’t happen in online websites. People can close the website and go elsewhere if they are disinterested.

There are several navigation and usability issues and you might have come across some of them. So, here you will come across some of the most important navigation tips in Magento eCommerce store. The standard navigation of Magento is amazingly designed, consistent and extremely easy to use. It includes logo that is linked to the home page, user account, cart and navigation bar with categories, to name a few. Others include breadcrumbs, layered navigation, footer navigation and sitemap. So, let us understand all of these one by one…


The logo of your website is the most prominent element of your website. On clicking on logo, you can go back to the home page, no matter how deep you have gone into the website. It resides at the top left corner of the homepage. The image highlights the logo of Jabong online store.


My Account and My Cart:

These two buttons are situated at the top right corner of the home page. Users can access their accounts and carts by clicking on the respective buttons. This represents the ‘my account’ and cart buttons of ‘Over stock’ eCommerce store.

Add to Cart My Shopping Cart

Main Menu:

When it comes to the main menu, you should go for mega-menu, as it is the best way to promote your products. Yes, it also allows images!
This is the horizontal row in the top that contains the categories, sub categories and sub subcategories as much as you want to list out the products. They can be created easily and managed from the back end. The world renowned eCommerce website, Flipkart has got the horizontal main menu.

horizontal main menu

If you have extremely long list of product categories, vertical menu on the left side is also a great option. This helps you when you need to put other important links at the top in the horizontal manner. Another popular eCommerce store Amazon has got vertical main menu.

vertical main menu


This is tiny, yet the most important feature in Magento that should be implemented in eCommerce websites, so that users know where they are. Also, it is SEO friendly. Take a look at the breadcrumb in the leading eCommerce website, Snapdeal. It shows you the way you have travelled to land on the page on which you are now.


Layered Navigation:

The best thing you can do to enhance the user experience is to minimize their pain to search for the products. You can use filters to remove the irrelevant products and show only the ones that match their criteria.
EBay, one of the best eCommerce stores uses the layered navigation. For example: you want to buy an acoustic guitar, you can filter out the brand, body type, string configuration, condition, price, etc attributes in order to narrow down your options and then choose the one you like the most.

Layered Navigation

Footer and sitemap:

There are a few important links of the websites which users fail to find on the top. Some of them include about the company, career, contact, return and refund policy and sitemap, to name a few. They are at the footer of the website. The image represents the footer of the cosmopolitan website.

Footer and sitemap

Now that you are aware of some of the most important tips for the navigation of the Magento eCommerce store, it is advisable for you to make sure you focus on all the above mentioned guidelines so as to optimize the navigation of your store and increase the conversion rate. Good luck with that!

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