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The field of Magento eCommerce development is getting advanced with new tools and technologies. However, no matter how amazing store you develop, you will get all types of customers to comment on your store. Although free critiques are always beneficial, hardly any eCommerce merchant exists who gets happy by receiving the negative comments for the products on the website. The online store owners hate to deal with the negative reviews, which is exactly why they go for the most obvious and easy way of deleting the comments even before anyone reads it. However, this is one of worst ways to deal with the negative feedback.


Do you want to know how to handle the negative reviews on eCommerce website? If you want to, you are in the right place at the right time, as here you will get to know how to handle the negative reviews from different types of people and how to turn those comments into your advantage.


Here are some of the best tips to deal with different types of reviews from different kinds of clients of the eCommerce store…



People belonging to this category just adore your products and services and they leave positive comments all over your website. These people who keep praising are the most important people for you, as you can use their comments for marketing in the best possible manner. You should never ever leave a chance to show gratitude to them. In fact, it is advisable to develop warm relationship with them. It is obvious that no matter how flattering product description you write on your website, no customer is going to believe it. Only the positive comments from another customer will persuade him to believe that the product is really amazing and that he can buy it without hesitation. So, do not miss a single opportunity to let go off these customers who post praiseful comments on your website.



These clients are the ones who have good impression regarding your online store, but they are not as passionate about it as the fans. So, in order to convert them into fans, you must respond to each and every comment they post, to show them how much you appreciate their posts. It is advisable to respond them in the personalized way to grab their attention. Such approach will inspire the satisfied customers to be even more active and it will also create good impression about your store on other customers.



No matter how much you try to save your website from them, there will be some customers who will post untruthful product reviews which will create negative impression on other customers and will stop them from buying your products. So, the best way to treat this is to contact those customers directly and ask them the reason behind writing such post. The best thing which can happen is that, they will correct their dishonest reviews. If they don’t, you can always delete them in the end.



The last but certainly not the least, we can deal with negative reviews in an amazing way, as they are not as scary as they sound. You can turn them into opportunity to impress customers and showcase your high level customer service. These days, online shoppers get frustrated even with the smallest mistakes. However, if you quickly resolve their complaints, they can be easily impressed too. So, don’t hesitate in showing up the negative comments. You need not delete them, but yes, you need to respond to it quickly then! If you resolve their problems, it will create good impression and you will continue getting good customers.


Wrapping up…
So, these were some of the best ways to deal with the types of reviews from various types of customers. Make sure you put them into the practice, and get the most out of it. Good luck for the same!

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