Customer Testimonials

For ecommerce websites, it’s imperative that you build trust amongst your customers so that it urges them to buy more and more products from your website. Whatever your advertising efforts, it’s always the reviews and testimonials that sell better! Well, a customer who is happy with your product will definitely be loyal and good testimonials on your website will definitely help build trust for your website.

Testimonials on your website will definitely help increase conversion rates, build trust in your brand, help SEO efforts and manage customers better. If your website is powered by Magento, the good news is, that you can set up testimonials for your site with ready to use extensions – like the Magento Testimonial Extension!

Build Trust In Your Brand

People read the product description – but it’s the product testimonials that actually build trust in the product and ultimately the brand! Testimonials are what customers say about the products they have already purchased, used and experienced. They carry more weightage that the showcase that the company puts up! Well, whether positive or negative, testimonials provide great value to your ecommerce website and business.

Increase Conversion Rates

Ecommerce businesses require high conversion rates coming from one source – the website! Testimonials on your website will definitely drive more conversions and in turn more sales. Running a profitable business is about putting up the right things on your website. Driving traffic is not enough. Driving higher conversions is what matters the most. It’s a fact that testimonials drive 18% more sales than no testimonials.

User Generated Content and SEO Benefits of Testimonials

Testimonials are user generated content on your website. SEO requires regular content update and a lively website in order to perceive it as worthy of a higher rank. It has been noticed that testimonials that are regularly posted to sites drive 12% more traffic. So, all your SEO efforts to put in product descriptions etc. on an ecommerce site, gets a slight push with testimonials. They keep your site live with updated content and enable search engines to see the site and relevant for customer searches.

Managing Negativity

If your website has an option, customers are bound to write positive as well as negative! Well, don’t worry, negative remarks can help you make things right with your customers and this in turn will help you with building greater trust and communication with your customers. If there is any truth in the customer feedback it will help you build a stronger product and a stronger brand!

Ecommerce is a world of fierce competition. Getting to the top of search engine rankings, Social Media, product sales, conversions, profits.. lots of things on your mind! Simple steps at a time will definitely help you slowly but steadily build a big business brand. Installing the Testimonials extension for your Magento store could be one small step towards success! It’s easy to download, easy to install and use! Keep your site more interactive and “Live” with testimonials added by users!

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