Email Marketing This Holiday Season

The field of eCommerce development is advancing each day and the number of online stores is increasing rapidly. If you have got one, this one is for you!


The second half of the year is full of holidays and as an eCommerce merchant, you must not miss even a single chance to turn events into sales opportunity.


In short, planning your holiday calendar is the first step!
However, not just planning is important, but you must also let your customers know about it, through emails…


There are a lot of various types of emails you can send for a particular event or festival in order to boost up your sales. Here are some of the most important types of emails you must send your customers this holiday season…


1. Sale: As the name suggests, the intention of this email is to announce the arrival of sale to drive traffic and augment sales. So, come up with an amazingly creative names that attract visitors and the main focus of this mail should be on deals.


2. Gift guide: When it is about gifting people, everyone has got different choices. One good idea is to categorize products on the bases of the personality of people. For example: some of your categories include ‘gifts for fashion freak sister’, ‘gifts for sporty father’, ‘gifts for book lover’, ‘gifts for working mom’ or ‘gifts under $20’. These will cut through the competition of thoughtful gift and help people to choose the best gift.


3. Holiday eCard: Let your customers know you care for them by sending a holiday card. Make sure this card doesn’t show deals or offers. It is meant to send out the warm wishes to strengthen your relationship with customers and enhance brand awareness.


4. Thank you: One good idea is to send a thank you mail along with the order confirmation email to your customers after they have placed order. Well, in this mail you can try up-selling or cross-selling by offering accessories or products related to the purchased products.


5. Sale extended: Give an opportunity to customers who somehow missed the sale for any reason, and send mails telling them about the extended sale for few hours or a day. Another tip is to keep the discount site-wide and make the discount code easily visible.


6. Everyday deal: In the holiday season, you must make your customers visit your store every day. So, you can send a mail to them every day which says ‘Today’s deals’.


7. Personalized offer: Personalization always works, so you can send a mail displaying the products on the basis of the purchase history or browsing pattern of your customers.


8. All around sale: If you have an online as well as offline store, you can send mail saying that there is a sale in your offline as well as online stores.


9. Special product: If you have got one or two special products that you want to sell in maximum quantity possible, you can send mail promoting that particular product.


Now that you are aware of all types of email that you should send your customers during the festivals and events, it is advisable for you to send these mails in order to attract people, gain customers, boost up the sales and generate high revenue out of it. Most eCommerce development companies do it and you should do the same to beat the completion. Good luck for the same!

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