Ecommerce Design for Customer Loyalty

Are you an entrepreneur making revenue from your online business? Do you have a Magento store to support your online business needs? Then you should definitely be willing to get your store on top with higher customer engagement rates. Just go for a revamp Magento development process by considering the following successful ecommerce design tips which when embraced in a few top online stores like Lenskart, Parker, Everlane etc., helped them gain amazing results for improved customer loyalty to their brands.


These brands have implemented the best ecommerce designs in their online stores to gain maximum customer attention. They have gained loyalty of their customers by giving them what they desired in an innovative way. As of a fact, we all know that for every online business that wants to gain maximum customer attention for its brand should have an appealing ecommerce website with the user appealing design. So, what does term ‘user appealing’ mean here? Does it mean adding animations or some sort of superficial effects to your website to make it interesting? No!


The term ‘user appealing’ here signifies providing amazing shopping experience to your customers by giving them what they want through an easy process. You need to come up with innovative ecommerce design ideas that can help you engage your customers in a much better way than your competitors and help to build trust for your brand among your customers through personalization factors.


Customer satisfaction is important to drive your business through referrals from existing customers or new customers. You need to know how to make your customers happy and the best way to do this is to ask yourself a few questions –

> Is my existing Magento website design providing maximum value to your customers?
> Is it providing engaging user experience or not?
> Does it build brand awareness and trust?
> How can I know what my customer likes and desires from my website?

You need to learn the best possible answers for these questions if you want to develop ecommerce website for your business that is not only engaging but also among the favorites of your customers.


Let Your Customers Find What They Exactly Want

Magento website development ensuring that product pages of your website are well designed to meet customer requirements is important. Make sure your product page is designed to assist your customers in making right choice of product they want. For example, if you have online sunglasses website, then help your customers know how every frame looks from different angles. Allow display of sunglasses in larger formats as well as in colors and sizes as desired by your customers. Show various unique or most desired purchase options with every product including complete product descriptions along with the face measurements for which the frame would be most suitable. Allow for self 3D try. This will give your customers a better idea of how a particular sunglasses frame will look on them and help them make a better choice. These kind of creative ideas can boost up interest for your products among your customers by making their shopping experience easy and worthwhile.


Show Your Products in Action through a Series of Videos

You can create and post series of videos to show how your products actually look like or behave in real action. For example, consider if you own an online garment store, then instead of displaying pop-ups for viewing product videos, you can opt to display videos of your “products in action” in such a way that they fit seamlessly within the product image window. This is a better way to show your “products in action” while removing the annoying process of pop-ups. You can always use real-life examples to demonstrate the value of your products. For example, you can post pictures of your garments worn by real-life people instead of runway models in order to captivate the interests of the customers.


Autocomplete Search

Autocomplete is an interesting way to enable a unique, impactful and faster customer search. In this process, you can integrate a search component within your Magento website which quickly shows the list of products relevant to your customer’s request. Instead of showing the entire gamut of products, this enables your customers to easily find the range of products they are looking for, thereby providing them an easy and efficient shopping experience.

You can also allow your customers to click on the pictures of products thereby leading them to appropriate purchase product page with guidelines of how to buy it.

Similar to the above, you can have your own better ideas of engaging your customers with your Magento Store. All you need to do is to implement them in your ecommerce store with best design strategy to get better customer loyalty. In short, you need to go for developing a unique and innovative strategy for Magento store development that helps you gain maximum customers for your business by providing them convenient shopping experience with better value proposition.

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