eCommerce Trends 2018 - Ecomextension

E-commerce is the future of shopping and a new world will evolve with the oncoming of some of the finest technologies that will support e-commerce. Take a look at some of the factors that are going to affect e-commerce and will help in flourishing the businesses worldwide.

Be ready for the lightning fast logistics

Logistics will be the main ground on which the e-commerce retailers will focus in 2018. Being ahead of all Amazon has already secured its throne by shipping more than 5 billion items worldwide via Amazon Prime delivery. Amazon has always guarded its shipping figures. Some of the data of Amazon’s fastest delivery are magnificent with delivering a forehead thermometer in just 8 minutes and five pints of ice cream in 9 minutes.

Some of the emerging technologies can help these e-commerce giants to expand even more; driverless cargo can be one of the great things that will motivate these titans to deliver even faster and safer.

Augmented reality (AR) is the new interface

AR has been a great influencing factor for every sector. However, this year may result in AR taking a big leap for the e-commerce industries in true mainstream adoption. AR can help the e-commerce giants to proliferate in a short span by reaching to their customers’ home and giving them a true experience of how the product will look.

IKEA the Swedish furniture merchant made its Place app that allowed the users to see how the different products will look in their home. Though the earlier versions were buggy, the technology was praised too.

Crafting on your own

Handmade products are emerging as a new demand; people prefer the products that are one-of-a-kind. PDIY and Etsy are providing a big sales platform for handmade products. The best part about this is they offer a great quality and range of products

Crafting and printing your clothes according to you is a great choice to have, so get ready for creating some creative stuff because your creations are going to be created.

Homes will be smart too

A refrigerator that orders food, lighting that is smartphone controlled and climate control with the energy-saving feature are some of the advanced technologies we have seen and inculcated in our house.

Smart home technologies are adding on a daily basis to our lifestyle and they are best executed by e-commerce business. Convenience and comfort to buy or experience a product’s features through e-commerce businesses is the most preferred way nowadays and it will keep on escalating day by day.

Social media will assist Ecommerce

Social media is one of the biggest platforms that support e-commerce in the most resourceful way. Social media works as a customer attracting and marketing tool for e-commerce as well as the social media itself. Social media is the best intermediary between a customer and a business

Social media helps e-commerce businesses to know what their customers prefer by collecting the data like users searches, likes and how much time they spend on viewing a product.

Tweeting back to customers and resolving their needs through social media portals build the trust between brands and customers and it encourages them to interact more comfortably and happily.

Brick and Mortar can be a success

The phrase brick and mortar is used to define as a business being operated in a building or other structure and through which businesses can be benefitted by providing both in-store and online experience to the customers. It benefits the business to cut shipping costs as the customers can buy the products from the retail stores.

This type of operation can affect e-commerce but if thought in a different way it can offer great profits by saving the cost of businesses.

Optimize your mobile for a greater experience

By 2019 number of smartphones user will reach around 5 billion which is a massive figure and will also help e-commerce vastly. Making their apps and sites user-friendly is what big businesses are focusing on and the more stress-free experience will result in increasing the goodwill of the business.

Convenience, responsiveness and the design of the site or the app are the key factors here. The more optimized the mobile technology becomes the more are the chances of the proliferation of e-commerce increases.

Marketing with influence

Having more influencers for business promotion increases the chances of making the brand more prominent amongst its competitors. Sponsoring the business to on different platforms yields goodwill and also modernizes the brand among the followers.

Brands that are assisted by influencers that are highly engaged among their followers results in increasing brand awareness. Businesses must focus more on the relevance of the than the status of the influencer.

Chatbots are the new employees

Chatbots are going to be a big revolution for the e-commerce businesses because of their 24*7 functioning. Chatbots save a lot of labour costs and can take charge of the customers when there is a big rush in the firm.

Answering every individual at the same time can be managed by chatbots. Big firms would be setting up more sophisticated chatbots and can, therefore, help to manage a lot of loads of work.

ROPO is trending

ROPO- Research Online Purchase Offline- is the new trend of shopping nowadays. Researching online offers a great spectrum and comparability of products to the buyers.

ROPO is the result of the evolution of the whole 15 years of online shopping which has made consumers understand and best utilize the services offered by the internet. Consumers can find the best product after researching on their interests and choosing the one which suits them in the best way. Customers can leverage different data to find the best deal for themselves.

2018 is going to be a big year for revolutionizing the e-commerce businesses and it is possible that we will see some more small businesses to blossom and the previous ones to develop. Shopping will be more comprehensive, serene and vast.

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