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“94% of users are making their first impressions based on website design.”


People make quick judgments about everything. Your website is one of them. It takes only a few seconds to decide whether the users are sticking around your website or not. In other words, your design is the only one and paramount factor that can build interaction to your brand.


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works. “  –  Steve Jobs


Great visual design to make things happen: here is how?

  • –> 48% people consider a website’s design as the number one factor to decide the credibility of a business or organization. (Source:

  • –> 8% of online consumers are less likely to return to the website after a bad experience. (

  • –> 75% judgments are based on overall website aesthetics to decide website credibility.

  • –> Users are more likely to make a purchase on smartphone and mobile-friendly site.


Are you still struggling with higher conversion ratio and generation of leads? Could it be possible to determine your loopholes that might include unattractive UX in that list?


Point to remember: Invest in your visual design experience and you can see the difference of higher conversion rate and an increase in a number of customers.


Here we’re talking about eCommerce website’s User experience (UX).


Starting from product showcase to the payment mode, everything matters. Users are emphasizing on the speed of check-out, product images, categories, description, the product return modules, and so on. Establishing a system which can bring users back to your ecommerce store is your goal. But it’s more about the engagement of the users with your brand. Great UI and UX are given utmost importance whether it is ecommerce development or mCommerce app development.


Mobiles have become a mainstream element. Considering mobile- friendly website and mobile app for your business can open a door towards noteworthy ROI.


Does your website/mobile app showing some credibility factors such as testimonials and customer reviews?


Video testimonials and customers review can present what customers feel about your product or services. To showcase the credibility of your website, customer satisfaction is the best and successful marketing campaign.


The business branding videos, how-to-use videos, and product review testimonials can draw the attention of users, considerably. The product pages with the testimonials help shoppers to make a decision about buying more quickly.




Ecomextension TestimonialsEcomextension Testimonials

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If you’re running an ecommerce store, you can demonstrate the features of the product, customers who have used it and, you can simply highlight the product details. Not only video testimonials, genuine reviews about products you’re selling can give more authenticity and credibility to your website.


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Do you provide quick customer services actions and more importantly, the services you provide are visible?


It is equally important that the services you’re providing are visible enough to catch the attention of users. Ecommerce website includes many customer services such as payment procedure details, supported payment modes, return of products, delivery of products, customer detail section, and refund.


Footer: Customer Services

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Whether it is a website or mobile app, the customer doesn’t have time to find the appropriate sections they want. You should provide delightful user experience while making a purchase and after purchase. Anticipating the problems as users, your website must contain the sections that can answer customer’s all query.


Header: services

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Service tabs, buttons, forms, pop-ups should be clearly visible and present the framed navigation among the web pages.


In this digital payment era, does your website/ mobile app providing faster check-out process?


As every customer wants the easier check-out and payment procedures, the complex and longer payment methods make them abandon from the website.


Many eCommerce owners are trying to integrate quick-shop extension and one-step checkout extension to facilitate customers with easy check-out. Cart abandon ratio creates significance difference in your sales, hence in ROI. Address, mobile numbers, card details must be clearly visible and no fraud payment gateways should be there to mislead the users.


Along with faster check-out processes and customer service, crisp clear images, faster loading speed, and easy navigation can help you to capture the attention of users.


Let us help you to drive your way to the higher conversion ratio through these helpful sources. Check out more strategies that can improve the performance of your ecommerce store.


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