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Are you looking to start a new Ecommerce business? Before starting the Ecommerce development and heading to create a full-fledge store, have you considered about what your site requires to actually turn profits?

The first footstep is to do research and decide what slot to attack. If you desire to battle in today’s aggressive Ecommerce world, you have to make a feasible brand that customers trust.

When the customer, firstly browses the Ecommerce store, the only thing that can either hook up the visitor or let them drift away to the competitor is the website design.

The website design is the face of the E-commerce and the measuring stick that plays a big role in determining and influencing overall traffic, sales and ROI.

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The next question is what to include in the Ecommerce website design that can make the Ecommerce store stand out in the market.

Here the key points that you should keep in mind while designing Ecommerce website :


1) Make Your Search Tool Search Better

60% of the users visit the website to search the item they are looking for. They do not want to waste the entire day sifting through the stuff that they do not have a need of.

Here, the search button plays a big role that if able to reflect the results intelligently, the customer experience would definitely improve and the customers would become the brand ambassador of your Ecommerce store.

Ensure your Ecommerce website has an easy and a lucid filter by diverse parameters, so that even the choosiest user would surely love to use your online shopping site.


2) Display Offers At The Right Place

In the crowded market, getting an edge is challenging for the Ecommerce stores. To grab the customers’ attention in a matter of seconds upon their access to the site, the various deals, discounts, coupons, freebies, free shipping and pretty more are offered.

But, if they are not placed at the place where they can catch more eyeballs, the complete merchandising strategy would fail. As, discounts/unique deals are typically the first things that customers look for…

Display Offers At The Right Place
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3) Ensure The Product Description Is Accurate And Effective

The products/services are the reflection of the customers’ requirements and not describing them in the best way means not letting them aware about what’s available of their interest.

It is analyzed that customers spend more time on the product’s detail page as opposed to any other page. Design the website that can accommodate lots of product pictures and vivid information in the fields, which enable the user to quickly scan your product and proceed to checkout.

Also, the same products of different colors can be showcased on the same page.

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Men in Red Shirt
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4) Displaying Out Of Stock Items – Thwarting Your Customers!

From the SEO perspective, if the product is out of stock and removed from the website, is not good for the web page ranking.

Due to this Ecommerce store won’t remove the item and when the users add the product to the cart after coming across the product they have glanced for, the freezing answer- “Out of stock” appear, which freaks them out.

This is where Ecommerce stores need to ponder- what’s letting them fetch the currency- the customers or the search engine bots. It’s better to add a field in the filters with which item’s availability can be checked in advance and only the in stock products would be showcased.

Displaying Out Of Stock Items
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5) Display Testimonials

Display Testimonials

Every time, we listen to others and then make any decision.

Exactly, the users before making any purchase always want to review what other buyers are saying about the products or services they have received from the Ecommerce store.

Placing the testimonials either as a sidebar or a review below the product help the customers to easily view them at a glance. The good reviews from the customers who are complimenting your products and services can surely make any potential user to spend money on your site.


6) Recommendations are essential

Recommendation plays a key role in upselling.

After getting insights from the customers’ purchase, the Ecommerce stores smartly suggest the related products to the customers to promote further sales. The suggested products are displayed to persuade the customers to make extra additions to their cart.

For instance: On the product’s detail page, the customers are stimulated to shop more by displaying the items that other customers have also viewed/purchased.

Recommendations are essential
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7) Live Chat Where You Should Not Drop The Ball

Presently, the biggest challenge that Ecommerce stores are facing is to provide the customers, the experience of physical store while they are shopping online.

The live chat approach can help the Ecommerce stores to give the customers a feel of a shop seller where all of their queries will be answered off the bat. Also, the live chat pop up must be placed at the most noticeable spot so that customers can easily find it.

Live Chat
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For instance: Giorgio west Ecommerce store has integrated the live chat option that gives users a feel of interaction with the sales executive that resolves all the queries they would have in real-time.


8) SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This tool can optimize the Ecommerce store so that whenever the related products/services is searched, the Ecommerce website becomes visible at first.

Ensure the people can easily find the products/services your store is offering by improving its visibility through SEO. It is a surefire success to increase the number of impressions, views and clicks.


9) Make the store Mobile Responsive

According to the eCommerce survey, “Most of the users purchase the products through Mobiles & Tablets rather than PCs and Laptops.”

It hints making the Ecommerce store design mobile responsive is a way to take hold of mobile audience as well. This will increase the traffic volume, transaction size and sales.

Note: Creating the exact replica of Ecommerce website for mobile won’t work because the mobile size is less as compared to desktop/laptop. For the easy navigation and best user experience, ensure the menus should be clutter-free, layout must be apt and images will be of high resolution.

Make the store Mobile Responsive
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10) Keep the content updated

When the same images, products and offers are showcased on the website for a prolong period, it belittles the Ecommerce store value. Sometimes, the expired offers, announcements and more are kept
on showing even when they are lasted quite before.

The customers consider such websites outdated, that’s not upgraded with the modern trends and fashion style, which in turn let the customers brush aside the Ecommerce store.

Keep the practice of updating your website content frequently using bespoke CMS to improve the customer engagement.



Bring into the limelight the quality products/services your Ecommerce store is offering with fantastic website design and appropriate placing of the features leveraging the advanced technology and tools.

Taking out the time and considering the above mentioned points can make the Ecommerce store easily navigable, attractive, informative and easy-peasy to find.

Then, why to wait? Get ready to start a new Ecommerce business and get bags of ROI within short span of time.

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