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Millennials share 35% of the entire human workforce! But the scenario is quite different when it comes online shopping! As nchannel says, “Millennials make 54% on online purchase compared to 49% of others.” In such scenario, your product & price display type online website will not work at all! Taking a help from the best ecommerce website development services to make it more millennial-friendly is the wiser decision in 2018.

A business gets a strong boost if there is a loyal millennial base attached!

As we all are aware, since the inception of marketing, the look & fill is given equal importance along with product quality. The likely chances of buying a product increase if it looks fab! Same goes for online business, too. In addition to that, along with look, this gen Y emphasizes on appeal that a brand brings in!

Why Is Targeting Millennials So Important For Your Ecommerce Website Development?

There are a plethora of reasons your ecommerce website development should focus higher on millennials.

Let’s look at the reasons one by one;

Tech-savvy People

Millennials are most tech-savvy people. So the enhancement of your business will be carried forward by these people. Try to remember, who popularized online purchase when everyone highly comfortable in favor of brick & mortar stores!

Best Brand Promoters

Millenial people write product reviews & ratings and often talks about their experience on vast social media platforms with proper images.  These things attract their friends. Millennial is the best brand marketers if you succeed to give them satisfactory experience.


Millennials shares everything they experience at your place!

Key Decision Makers

If a certain brand doesn’t give a good website experience, they will not think twice before shifting to competitors. Similarly, if your website provides such a happy filling to them, there are likely chances of their purchase!

What your website should be equipped to target Millennials?

It’s anticipated that – Next year, the millennial’s purchase capacity will cross $200 billion dollars. This gen Y falls between ages of 18 to 35. And the way Baby boomers and Gen X look at the product purchase isn’t similar to this new generation.

Millenial’s Taste Is Different, So Why Can’t your Website Be Different!

Be Easily Accessible

To buy even a small pin, Millenial google. Make sure your business rank high in Google Search Engine. Take the help of digital marketing services, they will ensure that your website is equipped with the right keywords that users search for.

For Millennials, Speed is Everything

If your website page takes more than 3 sec to load, Gen Y will abandon your website immediately. Ensure that your ecommerce website development company provides higher technical performance even if high-end images and functionalities.


 The one club

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Mobility is Inevitable

Gen Y doesn’t go out without their smartphone. Often gen X quotes Gen Y for their mobile stickiness. So your website will have to be mobile friendly. Presence on play store will get you straight connection with them. UX based design will give you a cutting edge in massive ecommerce competition.

Promote a Brand with a Story Behind

Millennials get fascinated by the story or an idea that draws your whole business. Effective storytelling of your brand will embrace trust into viewers mind and the likely chances to choose your brand over competitions increases significantly. When RealHer owner wrote a story behind invention of natural beauty products, quite good amount of people followed the brand on social media and the promotion happened organically.

Social Media Sharing

9 out of 10 smartphone users are on social media when they find a time. So a successful ecommerce website development must integrate the trending social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. As the trends changes, the newer media emerges, the application must be enhanced with the current trends.

Loyalty Programs

Your ecommerce app should enroll reward points, offers, and plenty of deals. The gen Y loves sharing. So every medium they encounter such as blogs, review sites, social media, etc. , they will undoubtedly share what they found at your ecom-store!

Millennials believe in Win-Win always.


UX-based Short & Sweet website

A website, which offers an experience like stepping into brick & mortar store, will imprint on user’s mind. Provide real-time HD images which give a real look! Give contents that are catchy enough. Add a bit fun part to give it lively effects! And lastly, don’t stuff too many things on one page, your website should be a classy affair!

Wrapping Up,

Don’t forget millennials are the best potential promoters of your product. They love sharing and they will not leave a single chance to share about what they experienced! So give them a shopping experience like an amazing joyride which they can’t forget. The effective aspects of ecommerce website development such as speed, loyalty programs, social media integration, UX based GUI etc. should be taken care the way millennial would enjoy!


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