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Most businesses make an assumption that running a business ad campaign on Facebook is half the work done. But nope, unfortunately, it’s not the scenario.The decision to run a Facebook ad can be the right one or can be proved to be a disaster. As per the research of Econsultancy, against $92 spent on acquiring customers, only $1 spent gets converted.


For example,

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy started a campaign to educate teens for the substance abuse. They took the way of Facebook ads to spread the campaign. And the results were mind-blowing. Around 161 million times, the ad was viewed. And after that, they catered each and every lead substantially. You know how? They researched well and did extensive planning to target the exact people.


Same way, you can also target the users by keeping some factors in mind:

  • –> The steps to choose the right kind of Facebook audience

  • –> The role of FAN – Facebook Audience Network

  • –> Things to keep in notice for determining a Facebook ad budget

  • –> Lead Magnets – Converting a lead into a business


What types of the Facebook audience can lead to conversion enhancement?

Tell me what is the point of offering master degree courses to a high school student? Not relevant, right? Same way, can you tell me why should a CEO be targeted for an online grocery? No point of addressing him, right? If you know your audience properly, your half the work is done. Why not targeting those who we think are potential buyers? Now let’s understand this.


— Custom Audience

Through different campaigns, content marketing and other events, a business can get phone numbers and email addresses of the interested users. Sometimes, businesses create the campaigns for existing user accounts for engaging and retaining them.


— Look Alike Audience

You create a perfect segment for your best users and custom audiences. You can call them look alike audience. And with the help of Facebook data, you can target these audiences and can achieve a good conversion ratio.


— Buyer Persona

What you have to do is to think of fictional characters that suit perfectly to your business according to age, location, interest, relationship status, gender and other defined factors. In a way, you would find out the exact buyer persona’s Facebook profile whom you can easily target.


How can Facebook help in increasing a reach for other platforms?

Once target audience is located, it’s time to run an ad campaign on various platforms. Facebook itself is the medium for reaching out to maximum people in the world. But it has extended its support for reaching out to other networks as well.


The FAN – Facebook Audience Network offers you to reach out to other platforms like Shazam, HuffPost or Kardashian games. FAN caters the objectives such as Traffic, app installs, video views, brand awareness, product catalogue sales and customer engagement.


How much amount can be spent on a Facebook ad campaign?

There are manual bidding and pricing section on Facebook, what kind of audience you want to address and with what types of ad, determines your budget. Or Facebook will calculate the price automatically based on your provided budget and ad timings. You have to pay more for the more precise audience. At the same time, Facebook will rate your ad as per the quality of the ad and provide pricing accordingly. Or payment can be decided as per the click through rate (CTR).


Facebook - Ecomextension


You don’t have to spend millions of dollars on the Facebook campaign, just select the package that you find enough to give you exact market experience.What you can do is to start with smaller ad campaigns and then find out the audience response and the conversion enhancement ratio, based on the results you can opt for a bigger Facebook ad campaign.


How can a lead be converted into a business?

Once you have identified our audience and if you want to maximise conversion enhancement, you have to set up a lead nurturing system.The lead nurturing system means you have to educate the audience about the type of and quality of products/services you are offering. To persuade them for high conversion rates, you have to develop a system that communicates with them appropriately and timely.


Lead Magnet means offering lucrative deals to your audience.

Persuade your target audience either through email marketing, phone marketing or any other personalised way but offer them such deal which they can’t resist and we can afford. You could give discounted coupons, deals with some free products, courses, eBooks anything which appeals to them.


A perfect landing page surely gives high conversion.

A landing page with the perfect headline, subtitle and apt Call to Action (CTA) serves the purpose of conversion enhancement at its best.As per a study, 67% marketers have started creating unique landing pages for their various marketing campaigns.Instapage revealed that they design 1000 landing pages daily. It is the proof of the importance of a landing page.There are some suggestions for the best landing page:

Sample Landing Page Format

(Sample Landing Page Format)


  • –> A headline of the landing page should show urgency, uniqueness and usefulness of the product/service.

  • –> The colour and compelling content of the call to action should be catchy enough to drag the customer.

  • –> Add the proof of your work, for example, customer reviews and testimonials.

  • –> Create separate landing pages for different types of the audience but it should be minimum 2 or 3. Otherwise, there would be a big confusion amongst users and that can affect your brand credibility.

  • –> Show the brand names of your existing big known customers.

  • –> Experiment with the landing page as per the changing trends.

Design a landing page that not only attract customers but also provide the worthiness of your product.


Last Words,

First, a business who locates right audience for a market gets the massive advantage. Second, start with small campaigns on Facebook and wait for the results, then go for big campaigns. Lead magnets and perfect Landing pages have the potential of converting leads into the business. If above three are effectively covered in your ad campaign plan, then I am sure that your plan would turn out to a big success.


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