Free Shipping Help Your Online Business Grow

You need to add value to your products in order to “sell” them. Creating a great product is ofcourse the first step, but that is just not enough! There are other factors that will influence the product sale. Some of these are the design of your website (in case of online stores), the cost of the product and customer service. Well one factor that can help you in online sales is the shipping. You can look at shipping as an added cost or a profit driver.

Here are a few ways that free shipping can help your business grow rather than be an added cost to your company.

Free shipping helps increase the volume of your sales

According to stats, free shipping is the highest motivator for online shopping. In today’s world, convenience is everything. If you make shopping easy for the customer, you’ve got your sales! When you offer free shipping, customers see it as a “convenience” and feel encouraged to buy more. Well, cutting out additional costs to customers is a strong motivator in itself. Customers see it as an additional cost saving opportunity, and this will ultimately improve your sales. The worst experience for a shopper is when surprise costs are added at the tail end of the shopping process (especially shipping costs).

Free shipping helps you increase average order value

A great way to increase order value is to offer free shipping above a certain value of order. This urges customer to buy more and get value in terms of products rather than shipping costs. People will rather pay for extra products they buy than the shipping costs associated with the products. Providing customers with a special convenience in the form of shipping will make them feel good about shopping at your store. The customer’s perspective is changed and they are urged to shop more at your store.

Free shipping will help make your company more competitive

Well, staying competitive means to provide customers an added advantage above and over the others. It’s highly essential that you provide your customers with that little extra than the store next door. (online store next door). This keeps your store in the good books of customers and gives you a competitive advantage over the others.

Ecommerce solutions of today are highly evolved and support all the necessary features that online businesses require. Magento Ecommerce development can help owners to configure the right kind of products for the right shipping prices and options. Making things easy for the shopper is the top priority of any ecommerce business and offering customers with many options for shipping and throwing in a few “freebies” puts them on the top of the world.

Ecommerce solutions are plenty. Applying the right marketing techniques to the great products you sell will help improve the order value and sales figures and keep you ahead of the competition too!

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