Customer Satisfaction

Everyone focuses on enhancing the look and feel of their stores when it comes to Magento eCommerce store development, as it is the key to the successful online store is customer satisfaction. Hardly any eCommerce merchant focus on it! Well, if you keep your customers happy, they will not just become your repeat buyers, but also they will unknowingly become your vocal promoter who will bring you new potential customers. However, how to satisfy client is one big question that remains unanswered for most online store owners. One reason behind it is that, most of you define customer satisfaction as ‘giving everything to all customers’. If you think the same, you will never be able to satisfy all the customers. In reality, customer satisfaction comes from letting them know what to expect. If you motivate their expectations, they will expect even more. So, if you want them to be satisfied, you must control their expectations. Yes, it is in your hands. You can do this by doing three simple things…


Set your pricing in accordance with perceived value to customer:

A simple example to understand this is that, taking an example of flights, you don’t know who is interested in the airfare charges. Instead of showing that you will charge more for better services, show for what you will charge less. For example don’t say, “Want more legroom? It will charge extra”. Instead, say, “Book the middle seat and get discount” or “Go for no meal journey”. Ask for less for the seats near the washroom than the seats away from the restroom.

In short, align your pricing with the value you provide to your customers. The same goes with the products in your eCommerce stores. The woolen clothes should cost lesser in summer and things like that. Also, there should be different prices for old and used products. So, one important thing to remember during eCommerce development is that, if they know what they are going to get, there are less likely to get disappointed.


Tell them truth and promise lesser so that they feel they are getting what was being promised:

Provide the services you were anyways going to, and still make customers happy and not sad; how? Here is the answer… If you advertise ‘ocean view’ room and charge more for the same, the customers would obviously expect ocean view. However, if you provide them a room that is far away from ocean it will be called ocean glimpse, not ocean view! So, customer will be unhappy regardless of the amazing balcony at the back from where there is an amazing view, as they he/she would have expected room near by the ocean. However, if you would have advertised ‘room with private outdoor space’, customer would have been overjoyed by the same ocean glimpse. So, always promise lesser than what you are going to offer.

The same goes with your eCommerce store; if you feel you can deliver the product in three days; tell them three to five days, so that they don’t complain before five days. But if you say three days, they will expect it to get delivered maximum in three days and if they don’t receive it, it will result into dispute. So, it is better to promise less and deliver more in order to meet their expectations and satisfy them.


Be precise with the product/service you are offering, list out what and how it is going to be like!

What if the customer with an infant, looking for mental peace books a hotel room and ends up getting a hotel that organizes party every night with loud music? It is obvious that he/she will not be satisfied with the stay there. It will end up in nothing, but the complaints and disputes. So, it is always advisable to mention exactly what you are offering.

In the same way, the products on your online store have got various features or specifications. Make sure you list down all of them in detail and clearly. For example: women expecting the readymade suits will get the unstitched one and they will be highly disappointed to receive the fabric. So, mention the exact condition of your product.


Wrapping up…
In short, it is all about managing their expectations. So, if you make them aware of what you will actually provide them and then you stick to your words, they will be happy. So, it is advisable to put these three tricks and tips into practice during Magento eCommerce store development, so as to satisfy your customers. Good luck with that!

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