The fact that support to Magento 1 is ending in November 2018 is quite known to everyone, correct? The large-scale industries have geared up their IT infrastructures by migrated to Magento 2. If you’re finding the reasons to migrate to Magento 2 from Magento 1, refer to our previous blog, “Why should you consider Magento 2 migration? We’ve already covered it earlier.


If you’ve made up your mind and looking for Magento 2 migration companies, recommending you to perform certain checks. Before relying completely on Magento 2 development company, there are certain criteria you need to be doubly sure of. This blog will help you deal with those companies in a more assertive way.


Let’s have a look at the migration areas one by one –


Data Import


Data migration is undoubtedly the most crucial part of the whole migration. Because a single miss isn’t affordable at all. Thankfully, Magento 2 provides a data migration tool that does the data migration without hassles. Right from tool configuration to data migration, every step needs a personal watch. To be more precise, a conventional eCommerce store holds following data which needs to be taken care anyhow.


  • Product categories, attributes, and details


  • Customer data


  • Orders, inventory, shipment details


  • All the transaction details


  • Invoices, credit Mentos, and reviews & ratings


  • Important CMS data and Newsletter


  • Employee accounts and roles


Theme Migration


Magento 2 has come with many alluring themes that can help eCommerce store to completely change the appearance of the website. These themes enhance the shopping experiences of the customers and vendors both to a completely redefined level. So Magento 2 migration is a new way of delivering high-end customer experience to your business.


Extension Migration


Magento store is full of extensions! To richen the eCommerce stores, extensions play a strong role. The extensions plugged into Magento 1 won’t work straight away in Magento 2. It will create lots of complexities while handling. Migration of extensions and themes is like a recreation task. A proper communication with the Magento 2 migration company is recommended.


Code Migration


Since there is certainly a compatibility with Magento 1 and Magento 2, the code will work in Magento 2 provided that the code hierarchy is placed perfectly. Magento 2 code migration toolkit is already available which takes care of those complexities. There are some structural differences which need to be taken care of. The developers may have to do an additional work for the same.


Also, when companies ask for the higher migration, the migration project encompasses with newbies on the block!  The newbies can be anything. For example, when a healthcare product supplier came to Brainvire for a Magento 2 migration project, there was a list packed with new features. Two whole new websites of beauty products and Ayurveda products were crafted from scratch in Magento!


Settings Migration


As per the data migration tool, the settings need to be migrated first. The settings could be so many things! Right from the system configuration to website configuration, store configuration, tax setting, payment setting and so on. The settings migration can be initiated by navigating to Magento 2 root directory via SSH terminal and executing ‘Magento migrate settings’ command.




After having all the above migrations successfully performed, it’s time to start a show! So allocate quite a good number of days for the functional testing. Here, is the time when you can allow your employees to take over testing. Migration is a core technical part; your involvement isn’t necessary since you don’t know technicalities. (All you can do is check). But take testing upon you and do it rigorously because a developer may not be aware of all the worst case scenarios but your employee will be.


Since an inception of Magento 2, Brainvire has handled quite a good number of Magento 2 migration projects and still, more such projects keep coming in. As per the B2B research company Clutch, Brainvire is listed amongst top ecommerce developers across the globe.

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