Magento 2.2

Magento is finally done with Magento 2.2 version testing and this will benefit all the B2B customers or users. These updates will help to enhance the shopping and selling experience. The best thing about an open source platform like Magento is that you get to enjoy free updates and new features that are developed by a community.

It’s the community that is always ready to enhance the software and user experience. They work in the best interest of the users. Magento community has started developing the 2.2 version and code will be available soon to add exciting features, improved functionality, more user-friendly performance and experience to your e-commerce website. And, yes! There’s more to come. Contact Brainvire and update your store with the new version

With continued support and assistance, Magento community will look forward to enhancing the shopping experience to the best, so customers can improve their daily life. Magento is a leading platform offering e-commerce solutions to many entrepreneurs around the world. They are gaining attention, because of the services they are offering along with regular updates. If you are running a business, this is the time for you to start your online business with Magento 2.2 version. We provide complete e-commerce solution, so just tell your requirements and we will do the job.


Improved Functions of Magento 2.2

• User Friendly

• Fixed Bugs

• Enhanced Reporting

• Full Suite Of Native B2B Features

• Payment System

• Customize Price List For Buyers

• Quotation Option, And Lot More


There Are Many Reasons To Upgrade Your Store To Magento 2.2

• One of the advantages of upgrading is that your store becomes powerful and its user-friendly functions help you to target more customers.

• You can now create multiple accounts from one account for easy ordering and managing companies’ bills.

• Now customers can ask you for quotation directly. They just have to hit the quotation button and that is all. This can help you connect with customers and their queries.

• With the new feature of Magento 2.2, you can improve payment receiving. This makes so easy for you to manage accounts and balance of the customers.

• Another benefit is that you can customize a price list for a various product for different buyers. This may be helpful to sell the product at more prize.

• With the new version, Magento has fixed all the bugs that you were facing with the previous version. Improve site scalability and performance.

From us, you will also get bug-free extensions for Magento 2.2. These extensions are fully tested and serve the core purpose of making your work easier and faster.


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Source Magento, official site


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