Magento Ecommerce Plateform

According to, Magneto is the most popular commerce platform in the world, with more than 250,000 clients across the globe.

Adding one more from, stores built in Magento platform grow 3x faster than other competitive platform.

After delving into the below stack of statistics you will be in flabbergasted mode, certainly.

Let’s look at those one by one.

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Google Trend – Searched Terms

In spite of having another robust ecommerce platform in the market, you could be able to observe the popularity by seeing how often it is used in 2016 using Google Trends. It shows how Magento is popular among ecommerce platform such as Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart and WooCommerce.

Google Trends

Image courtesy: Google Trends

Builtwith Trends – Where Magento is used?

According to one builtwith report, Magento is widely used for shopping sites and it has surpassed various ecommerce tools.

Magento Popular websites

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Magento Popularity in ecommerce

As per one study carried out by HiveMind, Magento is widely chosen by ecommerce companies. They have taken the top 1 Million sites in Alexa to perform such observation on ecommerce platforms. We could be able to see the popularity of Magento among the other platforms.


You can see a lot more such statistics over the web. In this fierce competitive market, online presence is a half a battle. Many have built their ecommerce store and attempting to make more of it. But the rate of conversion and visibility of website have become imperative way to decide successful ecommerce business.

Ecommerce business has already grown with seamless prospects, though there are always some extents to think upon.

The former CEO of Walmart, one of the top retail businesses corporations across the globe, has stated that,

“You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.”

Without a doubt, ecommerce and its advanced invents will be our future vision in upcoming years. At a present time, there are many ecommerce platforms prevailing in market. But the question is, why use Magento to expand your business?

The aforementioned figures are showing the popularity of Magento ecommerce platform. Apart from these statistics, there are some fruitful potential of Magento platform that can be used to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some reasons why you should use Magento to expand the ecommerce business.

Whenever the talk comes to ecommerce business, Magento is the first name that flashed in our mind before any other ecommerce platform. Magento ecommerce provides high level of usability and customization that is far enough for any ecommerce website needs. Magento is specifically built to facilitate the ecommerce business with the capability to solve any online issues. The phenomenon of Magento ecommerce could be displayed straightforwardly. Read up!

Constantly growing platform

Although providing reliable and scalable ecommerce solution, Magento always seeks its chance to grow with advanced tools and technologies. Since 2008, Magento has proved its consistency being used for such a long period of time. Magento platform itself growing day-by-day in terms of features and provides beautiful user experience to their clientele.

How this reliability can be used to expand your business?

Well, with the constant growing Magento platform, you could be able to think beyond and craft the advanced solution to stay ahead of the crowd. You could be able to get 24*7 community support extensively for any of the issues. On the other hand, with the rationalized Magento features ecommerce website can be more powerful that builds an immense impression of your image on the web.

Wide range of integrations

Magento is open source and widely applicable to array of businesses whether it is small, mid-sized or large enterprise. With the Magento platform, you can possess wide range of integrations that can be used to extend your ecommerce store. Various kind of extensions are easy to integrate and quick to use to expand the usability of your store.

How this flexibility of Magento can be used to expand your business?

Magento ecommerce platform comes with rich blend of integrations that are used to extend the functionalities in an efficient manner. You could be able to easily customize the third party integrations and extensions to expand the usability. These extensions can provide dynamic and pleasing user experience to your users.

High Performance of Mobile Commerce

This is the mobile era.

In order to remain competitive in market, one needs to adopt strategies which must satisfy the future needs. Magento ecommerce platform provides mobile ecommerce solution that is crucial factor for your business as of now. Marvelous performance of Magento mobile apps would create a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for mobile users.

How Magento Mobile commerce can be beneficial for you to expand your business?

Magento Mobile application development will help you obtain a list of advantages in this mobile application era. With the rapid growth of M-commerce and mobile users, embracing mobile apps would open a door towards endless opportunities for your business. Magento mobile solution creates best-in- class solution for range of platform such as iOS, android, and windows.

Proceeding Towards The End…

Magento is preferred choice of ecommerce platform that builds highly versatile and scalable solution along with robust SEO features, diversified payment integrations and innovative design and great shopping experience. Hence, regardless of business type and size, with the Magento ecommerce platform you can easily expand your business.

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