E-Commerce Business Should Choose Magento Enterprise Cloud

Since Magento launched Enterprise Cloud Edition with Platform as a Service (PaaS), it has enabled e-commerce companies to simplify complex business processes, add resilience, and meet the escalating customer demand across multiple channels. It also allows e-commerce platforms to upscale B2B  and B2C market capabilities.

Magento is one of the leading and most popular e-commerce platforms providing flexibility and scalability. However, as e-commerce businesses are becoming more competitive with the integration of the latest trends, online stores need an innovative push to boost overall performance.

Magento has released the Enterprise Cloud Editon PaaS for its version of the 2.0 e-commerce platform. It can seamlessly run on major cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) with benefits including fully customizable, scalable, secure, and rapid deployment of web applications.

The Journey from SaaS to PaaS

One of the technological innovations seen in Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is the migration from Software-as-a-Service to Platform-as-a-Service. But why did Magento move to PaaS? Well, the answer to the question is that SaaS limited the ability of merchants to quickly innovate and iterate some multitenant e-commerce solutions. Platform-as-Service offers enhanced customer experience with a simple way of integrating advanced solutions. It also allows merchants to reduce the cost of deploying and managing e-commerce solutions in comparison to SaaS.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition offers the advantage of computing and open-source platform so that you can monitor and manage the applications continuously. The enterprise cloud edition caters effectively to rapidly changing technology.

For instance, if you need to manage online orders from Instagram or run an auction on Amazon, you need to adjust various content management systems and payment processes. So, what business enterprises need today is to simplify the complex structure. And this is where Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition plays a pivotal role in supporting e-commerce solutions following changing trends in the business landscape.

Role of AWS in Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

Amazon Web Services needs no introduction. One of its standout features is offering amazing customer experience and low-cost environment. AWS is also one of the most reliable partners for Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. Thus, retailers prefer AWS more than any other cloud service. According to  Hal Bennett, Global Technology Partners, and Amazon Web Services Inc., the company is ready to fully support Magento and its customers to make their journey more comfortable and flexible.

Who Are Other Partners

Apart from Amazon Web Services, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is happy to partner with four other software-based solutions and hosting services.

  • Platform.sh- Platform.sh is known as one of the most popular cloud hosting solutions. It provides an additional architecture allowing users to build, test, and combine various development landscapes in quick time. It separates the infrastructure, which does not affect the rest of the system.
  • Blackfire.io- It checks the performance of the PHP codes.
  • New Relic- It is an application monitoring software that helps users to check everything right from the performance of the browser to server infrastructure. Besides, it can also increase traffic loads to test the performance.
  • Fastly- The fourth partner Fastly is a content delivery network. Its main role is to detect the issues and fix them on a quick note. Moreover, it also helps to safeguard your data through inspection of website traffic and mitigation of DDOS attacks.

Why Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition has Gained Popularity

Since Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition moved from SaaS to PaaS, it has opened new opportunities for e-commerce business. Online stores are reaping much more benefits than before. So, let’s point out a few advantages of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. It includes-

  • Highly Reliable and Scalable

One of the biggest plus points that go in the favor of Magento is that it is both highly reliable and scalable. That means there will be no change in its structure with the addition of the new  Enterprise Cloud Edition. As Platform-as-a-Service supports cloud computing, the merchants get various benefits such as robust security, reduced IT costs, PCI compliance, automated patching, and much more. You can handle more and more traffic efficiently during peak sale hours due to the presence of the enterprise cloud.  

  • Seamless Management and Set-up

Do you know why Magento using merchants is growing 3 times faster on average and how the open-source software is powering 12% of all e-commerce sites? Well, you know the answer. Cloud Edition has enabled merchants to seamlessly manage and set up their site. It means it takes less time to deploy, test, and manage the e-commerce site. Apart from that, the merchants also receive support from Amazon Web Services (AWS) offering redundancy and eliminating the hosting related issues.

  • Known for its Affordable Pricing

One of the key advantages that PaaS offers Cloud Edition over SaaS commerce solutions is affordable pricing. SaaS is more expensive than PaaS because while availing the earlier software service, the merchants need to tweak their business. They do not have the benefit of making changes according to business and customer accommodations. Each of the customers receives a specific price for choosing Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. But here’s a bonus for the merchants. It allows them to expand their business process and smoothly deal with the customers during peak hours at no extra cost. It proves quite advantageous for the large e-commerce sites especially when they are offering attractive discounts and offers to surge sales.

  • Other Advantages

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition also offers various other benefits besides being cost-effective, flexible, and reliable.

  • It offers an effective work-flow management system so that merchants can easily manage their orders and B2B price negotiations.
  • The multiple channel support allows online store owners to manage their e-commerce site in different geographical regions.
  • It also offers support for back-end integration, helping the API and third-party extensions to easily integrate with advanced Enterprise Resource Planning software such as SAP and Customer Relationship Management.

When To Consider Magento ECE

By now, you have well understood that Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is one of the most potent drivers of e-commerce solutions. It offers various advantages to boost your business. But when should you consider choosing MECE?

  • First, if you want to outsource the company’s server management.
  • If you are looking to develop your server infrastructure in a short time,
  • If you want to simplify the Vendor Management System

Choose an Advanced Cloud-Based E-Commerce Solution

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition has transformed e-commerce business solutions by simplifying the task of merchants to run their business smoothly. And with the added advantage of AWS solutions and PasS, it offers more security, flexibility, affordability, and scalability to accommodate business according to customer needs.

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