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There is no denying that Magento is one of the most functional and customizable eCommerce platforms across the world, and Magento extensions are the key contributors in it. Whether it’s a free Magento extension or a paid Magento extension, they are part of its popularity.


Just like any other Content Management System (CMS), Magento has also thousands of free and paid extensions or plug-ins available in the market, which will help you add more functionality to your eCommerce website or online store without any programming knowledge. The year 2013 has seen some of the most decent Magento extensions that are easily available for the online store owners at their fingertips.


In this post, we’re going to take a detailed look some of the most usable Magento extensions that will help you more functionality for your potential users or customers and also for yourself.


Here’s the list of the Magento extensions that will help you and your potential customers to get maximum benefit from your online store:



Today, spam has become a huge problem for any kind of website and eCommerce websites are not an exception in it. Spam can be in any format, such as email, comments or through social media. However, it could lead to the hacking of your eCommerce website. ReCAPTCHA extension can help you prevent your Magento eCommerce website being infected by spam. It will cover you back against spammers and robots by asking them to input a series of characters that only a human can see.


• Yireo TrashCan

How about listing thousands of products? Well, obviously it will require a lot of time and the most annoying thing is that by mistake deletion of products you’ve added. However, with the help of Magentrix – The Magento Recycle Bin simply place deleted products within your website’s recycle bin, which makes it easy for you to reinstall them on the go.


• Color Thumbnails

Are you selling customizable products on your Magento eCommerce website? If yes, then Color Thumbnails is a must have Magento extension for you. It will enable customers to see how a product looks in different colors by allowing them to select any color of their choice from a drop down menu on a product page.


• VS Product Image Zoom – Featurezoom

Most of the people hate default zoom option available on the product page. VS Product Image Zoom – Featurezoom is the extension that can help your potential customers to view a magnified portion of any product image by simply hovering over it. It can be further toggled with the help of a mouse wheel.


These are a few of the most usable Magento extensions that can help you improve your potential customer’s shopping experience as well as your online business revenue on the go. Do you have idea about such free or paid Magento extensions? Share your views or opinions in the comments…!

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