Magento site security

In e-commerce industry, Magento web development services have become a force to be reckoned with due to its regularly updated features. An e-commerce survey conducted by Hivemind in April 2015 reported Magento’s share to be 26.0% after researching on 56,000 websites of e-commerce. This suggests that Magento occupies the largest piece of e-commerce cake. Also, this makes it clearly evident that if someone is thinking about coming up with an e-commerce store, should consider going with Magento at first. However, having said that, once you start working with this platform, Magento site security practices becomes a significant point to consider.

The main target of hackers to invade websites is to conduct activities like stealing user data, spamming, and phishing. Even though the Magento platform is considered as the one with the best security on a regular basis, here are a few practices that you need to consider as web administrators to

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How To Safeguard Your Magento Website?

Individuals always trust the e-commerce platforms that are highly secured. Trust always plays a key role when you’re running an online store. By following the list mentioned below, you can prevent or fix Magento security issues to some extent.


Sound Hosting Plan

A majority of concerned individuals believe shared hosting turns out to be the cheapest approach for a website hosting. This is a great option for Magento startups too. However, shared hosting investment means you might be compromising on Magento security.

Dedicated hosting seems like a good option as well, however, it might prove to be not sufficient enough for your requirements. This is because the restriction extends only up to a single server. This will limit your resources and in case there is a sudden hike in your website’s traffic, there are higher chances of your website going down.


Prefer Using Latest Magento Version

There will be times when you will be advised not to you the latest Magento version. A majority of times, this is a plain lie. Magento is consistently updated. Subsequent versions of Magento fix preceding ones’ security issues. Hence, it’s very crucial to stay updated with current Magento versions. As soon as a stable version is out, you need to test it and get it implemented.


Customized Path for Admin Panel

Generally, you can access the admin panel of your Magento by going to What you don’t know is, that it’s very easy for hackers to get an access to a log-in page of admin and start guessing account passwords. This can be prevented by /admin by using a customized term, for instance, Store Door. Moreover, this also prevents hackers from accessing admin login page even if they have the password.


Encrypted Connections (SSL/HTTPS)

Whenever you transfer data such as login details via an unencrypted connection, there are higher risks of interception of this data. It can offer assailants a sneak peek into your credentials. If you’re planning to eliminate such issues, it’s very important that you use a secure connection. In Magento, one can get a secure HTTPS/SSL URL by checking “Use Secure URLs” tab in the system configuration menu.

Additionally, this is also one of the key elements to make Magento site PCI data security standard compliant hence securing online transactions.

Magento is a great e-commerce platform and you can turn it into an even more lucrative option by keeping the above-listed safeguarding points on your mind.

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