Online Visual Merchandising-Ecomextension

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.

-Bill Gates

This quote has proved its significance in the fast-moving digital world. Whether it is an ecommerce development or any business domain, stunning online presence is playing a game changer role in every industry. To build a profitable and thriving retail business needs strategic planning, established customer-base, automated marketing, and innovative approach to attracting the customers.

As an ecommerce owner, it is utmost important to stay up-to-date with trends and tactics to capture the attention of customers. As a retail owner, creating strategies such as display of products, setting up promotional events, theme creation, designing appropriate deals, and marketing can be fun – but no need to say, it is hectic, too.

Effective online visual merchandising can be an answer. Here’s how.

In this festive season, where everyone is trying to make most of the visual marketing and giveaways, visual merchandising can get the ball rolling.

What are the metrics that can be enhanced through an effective visual merchandising?

  • –  Appealing product displays
  • –  Ease of navigation throughout the website
  • –  Conversion ratio
  • –  Speed and ease of use

What Is Visual Merchandising For Ecommerce Store Owners?

Visual merchandising has an ultimate objective to attract customers through creating the brand experience across the online store. Visual merchandise tells the retailer how to capture the attention of users through commitment and consistency.

Yes, here visual merchandising comes in.

Sounds interesting? Let’s just have a deep dive into it.

When you going to buy something from the shop, you will definitely observe the display window, brand experience, inviting faces of store persons, labels, and in-store layout. Will you? Will we do the same?

Indeed, yes. It is the mainstream tendency of any buyer or shopper regardless of the product he/she is going to purchase.

Online Visual Merchandising- Ecomextension

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Visual merchandising isn’t only about physical stores. Many online stores have started embracing this concept to lure customers.

As ecommerce marketing is becoming more and more competitive, ecommerce owners are adopting such concepts to give life to the accelerated sales. With the Omni-channel presence of a business, customers are given first attention and thus, there is a need to optimize each channel whether it is offline or online.

Online Visual Merchandising: Buying Experience Speaks Larger Than Your Ecommerce Strategy

Do you want that your web store becomes the hub for increased conversion ratio and customer engagement?

Here is the simplest solution:

It can’t be called the finishing line having a nice ecommerce website that looks pretty. You need to have more. But what more?

Is your web store is easy to navigate?

Is your website works on both – web and mobile?

Have you emphasized on product display?

Beyond these entry-level questions, there are many aspects of visual merchandising that actually works. There are lot many misconceptions exist about the implementation of visual merchandising.

Online visual merchandising is the art and science of displaying products in a best possible manner that can satisfy the customer and lead them to take an action.


Whenever the talk comes to an online store, it is pretty obvious that your customers can’t reach to the products when they’re shopping from a computer, tablet, or their smartphones. They can’t have the atmosphere unlike the physical store has. They’re not influenced by your store’s interior, layout, window display, and definitely with your colorful themes.

With the definitive aim to increase the sales and boost the conversion ratio, online visual merchandise can help.

It involves following elements to check, sorry, double check:

Social media presence: Is your store having a strong social media presence? If the answer is yes, do you showcase your product that can relate to customers’ problem?

For example, social media presence is like imprinted shopping bags which may directly market your products to the prospective buyer.


Reciprocity of your brand: Majority of us have experienced the charm of free gifts and free wrapping in purchasing product. The giveaways and promotional offers act same as these free gifts.



Authority and consistency: have you designed any loyalty program for your customers? Or if you have it already, have you analyzed where it is lacking? Think all of these as customer perspective and showcase them in a best attractive manner.


Credit: American Express

There are lot more factors which you can optimize and leverage the ecommerce potential.

Note: Online visual merchandising doesn’t only relate to the ecommerce stores having larger catalogs or thousands of products. If your web store consists limited products, the online store still needs to be merchandised.

To provide customers with extraordinary user performance is a key aspect of any ecommerce store. This should be taken care of while developing an ecommerce app. It may be the case that there are many different tactics are used to merchandise your website but, its utmost necessary to provide best results in terms of attractive product gallery, strong social media presence, faster loading, easy search function, and strikingly user experience.

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