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A decade ago, no one has ever imagined that internet penetration would reach such a level in the fashion industry. Not just the brick-and- mortar stores while street vendors also prefer to sell the products online. It’s skyrocketing at a high pace.

According to a survey, “Fashion retail on Ecommerce portal is anticipated to constitute 35% of the total revenue generated by 2020.”

Ecommerce Graph

It signifies the fashion Ecommerce is set to explode worldwide.

The myriad of changes is observed in the industry with the pace of time and changing customers habit. To be on a fast-track growth, the online fashion industry has embraced the changes and tried to give the shopaholics the touch, feel and experience they are looking for.

It’s started with mobile shopping where the fashion eCommerce store has started offering the shopping experience to the customers in the palm of their hands.

Mobile Ecommerce

Later, one more challenge pop-up that’s how to differentiate the store in the market when thousands of Ecommerce stores are offering the same products or services.

The race of standing out in the online fashion industry gives birth to the augmented reality and virtual fitting rooms with which experiencing the products before actually buying them becomes plain-sailing. Be it retail, apparel, make-up or boutique services.

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Wow! It’s amazing. But, it’s not over.

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Now, the online stores have taken an another initiative with the introduction of PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION feature. It’s a key to success. What, really?

Yes, nothing is better than handing the power in the hands of the customers to customize the product the way they want on any device and take a preview of it. It’s a great way to enthrall and excite the customers without costing a penny.

Even, the results had proven that if the Ecommerce is offering personalized products or services, then the conversion rate will get uplifted by 10% and the click through rates by 14%.

Kent Deverell - CEO of Fluid

The online shoppers find it interesting to customize the product according to their preference. So, do you want to include the feature in your Ecommerce? If so, you might like to gain the insights on how to get started. Right?

Let’s shed some light on it:

The Magento provides an extension to the Magento Ecommerce store integrating which the Ecommerce can allow the customers to personalize the product the way they desire, and promise to design and deliver it accordingly.

Sometimes, to extend the personalization functionality to make the customers takes more interest in, the Magento extension is customized and then implemented to achieve the desired results.

What are the features that can be added? Take a quick look at them:

For instance, the Ecommerce allows the customers browsing the store to personalize the T-shirt. During personalization, the store can enable the customers to perform certain things under it. They are:

Swap the item – Don’t be rigid!

Allow the customers to change the item, if they have selected any and want to change it. The flexibility of choosing the color of t-shirt and changing it anytime enhance the customer experience.

Swap Tshirt Ecommerce

Add text – A lot more is there!

Let the customers add any text at any position on the T-shirt. Also, the color, font size, font type, rotation, alignment, text shape, and an outline can be customized as per the customers’ preferences. Besides, the customized numbers and text can be added at the back of the T-shirt with a great ease. Add text

Insert the art – Introducing creativity

The customization is not limited to just the addition of text and the color selection of the T-shirt, while customers can be enabled to insert the image of their choice anywhere on the T-shirt. To make the task easier, the gallery full of some artwork can be provided so that customers can easily choose the one that fits best with the T-shirt.

Insert art

Special instructions – Be particular!

During customization, there are some notes that if customers wanted to provide to the Ecommerce designing team, then they can add the notes where they can illustrate about the preferences, or regarding art placement.

Add suggestions

Undo/redo the changes

No firmness! Enable the customer to undo the changes they have made or redo, if they wanted to go ahead with the previous one. The feature helps the customers to customize the T-shirt in no time and at ease.

undo redo options

Showcase the price in real-time

It’s great to be transparent. Don’t display the final price to the customers at the end when they are done with the personalization to make. Because at the end if the price is too high, then customers leave the product in the cart. So, it’s good to showcase the products rate in the real-time when every customization customers make.

For instance: Display the customers the price of the product when they have selected a color for the T-shirt, later when they add text, and then when they have added the artwork and so on. It nurtures a strong between the customers and Ecommerce.

Real time Price

Wrapping it up

The design-it-yourself option is a sure-shot formula for fashion Ecommerce to gain great benefits. The stats and statements have vividly illustrated their impact in the market in near future.

Furthermore, the product customization data also gives the brands the great insights about the customers’ choice, leveraging which they can take the smart decisions that in turn elevate the customer engagement and boost the sales.

Jawbone, Trek, Brooks Brothers and Pepperidge Farms are the top honchos that are making the million dollars by enabling the customers to do the different level of product customization.

Do you also want to test the water with products’ customization integration?

If so, know your objective and decide how much customization you want to bestow in the hands of your customer at first, and then get partnered with a Magento Ecommerce service provider for the winning upshots.

Thrive your audience with best-of- the-breed personalization features!

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