Ever wondered while standing in a long queue of supermarket’s checkout or billing counter that “How customer’s billing is being rolled out accurately and easily without any flaws?” Gone are the days when pen, paper, and calculator were used to do the total sum and manually each item stock out entry was made along with its quantity. Physically all ledger were stored with Product ID or Product Numbers were labeled. But now we are in an era of a barcode scanner, red light determines product ID and its price gets multiplied by the quantity and with automatic calculation, the bill gets generated with the product price. Entire automatic management of products to billing process is carried out using Point of Sale platform.

 Point of sale (POS) is not restricted to cash registry but nowadays with advancement in technology, it has streamlined customers, inventory, and e-commerce. Size of your business does not matter when it comes to POS. Small or big retail players for both POS is like an asset as its robust secure payment manages all complex processes in huge number in comparison to traditional cash registries.

Do I Need POS for My Business?

Well, it is recommended that you take this question into consideration. Looking at the current competitiveness, any business of any domain needs POS. It not only simplifies processes for store owners but it also benefits customers. Below are reasons why POS is must for your business,

  • Enhances service quality & customer satisfaction: A customer is a prime  Manually generating bills for each and every person can be a headache and sometimes huge calculations can have errors too. There can also be scenes like one of your shoppers wants to split the bill. So, during peak hours such tasks consume time and customers also get frustrated.  But POS can carry out all these tasks with clicks.

POS systems are apt, they track customer data like their transaction histories. Based on these data owners can know who are frequent buyers and what all are their needs. By analyzing such buying patterns they can serve customers according to their preferences. Such approach builds a strong bond with customers and owners can provide them with special offers on their liked products. With POS owners can understand their customers well and this helps in leveraging their store’s sales.

  • Simple Inventory Management: Inventory is made with complex gears. Traditional inventory has been proven extremely time-consuming especially when it comes to retail business. POS’s rapid and precise store elements update inventory and it simplifies the flow of management.   POS platforms note every checkout of a customer and their efficient functions automatically subtracts purchased product from inventory product list.

POS inventory management open doors for future decision making. Based on previous data maintenance owners can predict future sales turnings and accordingly they can be pre-prepared to meet market demand. Hence, owners can adjust their lenses to get insights of purchasing trends.

  • Generate reports: Generating complex stats, charts, figures, etc of everyday activity is not everyone’s cup of tea. Stats and figures are retail businesses vital factors so they should be generated accurately because entire decision making is based on it. POS, report generation provides filters & users can select options like a whole day, week, month or year and according to selection report gets generated. Report details will help owners in evaluating top selling products with details like on which day and at what price the product was sold.

For any of your retail store be it General store, Bakery shop, Clothing Boutique, Coffee shop, Food truck, Furniture store, etc Brainvire’s Ecom Extension has customized POS systems that are the best fit for your store’s requirements. So transform your traditional management with POS systems and provide satisfactory services to your shoppers as well as upsurge your business processes.


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