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Being an online store owner, you would have read all the blogs and articles seeking for the tips and tricks that help you in the successful eCommerce store development. However, you are sure to forget an important thing, which most people tend to neglect. Any guesses? Oh, yes it is about giving choices to customers. If we ask any random person whether he would like to get more choices or less, he would answer more, undoubtedly! That is because, all of us getting more options to choose from and the reason behind that is we like to make the best decision and want the best of all. So, we think if we get more options, we will be able to get the best possible product. However, interesting thing here is that when it has been found out that people tend to purchase less when given more options and purchase more if given less options.


To elaborate, in an exhibition, when people were given options of 25 choices of jam flavors and 5 choices of jam flavors, as per the normal human nature, most people visited the stall that had 25 choices. However, you would be surprised to know that, the stall having 5 choices sold more jam packets than the one who had 25. So, more choices create a negative impact on sales. The reason behind this is that, when people get more options, they try to choose the best possible which makes it difficult for them to decide and increases the mental load. Moreover, the chances of taking wrong decision increases, so they choose to do more research before buying and walk away. So, how do you think you can solve this problem? Here are some of the best possible solutions to the above mentioned problem…


Categorize: While it is easy to get overwhelmed by options, the best trick to get hold of customers is efficient categorization of searchability feature. When customers visit your website, they know what they want to buy. If you make it difficult for them to seek for the products they are looking for, you will end up losing them. So, make sure you divide your products into categories and display the minimum possible on the home page. If you try to stuff all the products on your home page itself, it will confuse customers and they will run away.


Condition for complexity: It has been found out that giving more choices at first and then restricting them will make you lose customers. Instead, an ideal way is to give fewer choices at first and then keep adding options gradually. For example: on home page of your online store, you must keep it simple; men and women; two buttons. There cannot be easier choice to select. Once they select it, you can give few more options regarding the type of product like apparels, footwear, accessories and bags, to name a few. So, they can choose one quickly, as they know what they are looking for. Once they chose the product category, then you can give more options to choose from along with the size and color options as well as price, so that they can chose as per their requirements and budget.


Less is more: Well, the ultimate option is to cut down some products on your website. This may seem scary to you, but it will create positive impact. Cutting down the lower selling products will increase the sales of other products while minimizing the manufacturing costs of those low selling products. This will ultimately help you increase your revenue and maximize the profit.


Now that you are aware of some of the best ways to provide more options in such a way that you do not lose customers, it is advisable for you to keep the above mentioned points and also share these tips with the eCommerce web development professionals that you hire to build your online store. Good luck with that!

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