E-Commerce Trends

In the age of globalization, online marketers are leaving no stone unturned to please consumers and earn benefit out of their requirements. With 28% year-over-year growth in 2012, E-commerce is pacing at an exponential rate and business owners are discovering newer ways to optimize and personalize their online store to offer richer and relevant shopping experience to the customers.

In the year 2012, more and more customers engaged in buying products online thus contributing to the immense growth of e-commerce. But looking at the current scenario of ecommerce, 2013 is expected to make a way out for business merchants to create an online presence that brings new customer segments. Also in 2013, businesses are eyeing for better technology to optimize their existing websites to make it compatible on smart phones and tablets so that their customers can easily find them whenever they want to.

The new trends emerge to make web development richer with numerous technologies available for website development. One such platform is Magento which proves to be the best platform for ecommerce development because of its user-friendly content management system, multiple stores, enhanced presentation, pliability and scalability for creative ecommerce website development.

In this article, we will discuss the current trend that happen in the Magento Development Services and how they favored the businesses of all kinds.

Capability for Custom Development

Now-a-days website owners are vying for custom development of their ecommerce store with specific functionality to create feature rich online store. It is highly excellent for ecommerce businessmen to build a customized website so that it grabs the attention of lots of people and also tops the charts in the search engine result pages.

Improved Modular Architecture

Maintaining modules and incorporating them into Magento websites was proved to be a tough task for many web owners. But given the current trend and improvement in Magento, updating plug-ins happens automatically. In addition, the customization of plug-ins has prompted developers to come up with brilliant functionalities beneficial for businesses.

Interactive Product Display & Browsing

The attractive presentation of any product or services across the online store creates a positive impression on the end-user. The products must be displayed interactively so that it can easily grab a customer’s attention and videos demonstrating products and its usefulness should more frequently used to convince the online customers. Also, it is extremely important to have a rich product catalog so that the customers can easily browse the online store. Magento supports product browsing and showcase multiple products to the audience with no fuzz. It helps the user to create and add to the wish list, multi-tier pricing up sell, product reviews etc. thereby boosting the e-business.

Offers Safer, Secure and Powerful Payment Gateways

As e-commerce is evolving with each passing day, the need for simpler yet secure payment gateways has increased. According to the new trend 2013, new and safer payment methods have been introduced which makes the consumers feel more safe and secure. Magento offers a safe and secure payment gateways for online transactions to the customers using credit cards, online internet banking, Pay Pal etc. while purchasing products from your e-store.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Language Support

People from all over the world would visit your e-store for purchasing products so having a limited number of currency and language support may distort your business prospects. Magento a renowned ecommerce platform supports multiple currencies by customizing the currency selector widget and also has various language support features to attract huge customers from all over the world. Magento now supports more than 55 languages and has become the most preferred platform for ecommerce development.

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