PayPal Alternatives For Online Payments

When it comes to conducting online payments for your goods and services, PayPal is the name that dominates the field. The reason behind its popularity is – It has been around in the market since long and the company has spent millions in enhancing its brand reputation. Furthermore, PayPal has all the standard functions that you can expect. But still, PayPal is not the only reliable option in the town. Instead, there are numerous payment providers in the online market that make monetary transactions smooth and easy for you. But then the question arises;

Why Should I Move To Another Alternative If PayPal Is The Perfect Match For My Business?

One of the biggest upsides of PayPal is its popularity and brand recognition in the market along with the ease it provides in integration with any application, platforms, and carts. However, that doesn’t always make PayPal the best choice. Below points will justify your move to PayPal alternative.

1. Not all clients are familiar with PayPal:

There may be a possibility that some of your clients don’t consider or support PayPal for accounting systems or they are not in the area to accept payments from PayPal and want an easier way to carry transactions.

2. High Fees:

Despite being aware of the fact that fees do vary as per the payment methods, but one of the serious downsides of PayPal is its high fees. They do charge a big amount in accepting international payments.

3. Country Based Restrictions:

There are countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan that do not support PayPal.

4. Payment Hold Ups:

One of the major hitches of PayPal is they hold your payments and puts it under review for no such reason.

Ultimately, the major point is to safeguard your cash flow and reduction of overall cost. So which are some of the better PayPal alternatives if integrated with mobile apps can prove to be a boon for the business? Well, below is the checklist you can keep in mind to make online payments smooth and easy.

1. Payoneer:

• Payoneer is an integrated, full-featured payment platform whose main focus is to ease international transaction process for clients and customers across the globe.

•One of the best choices for freelancers, professionals and affiliate marketers that want to receive money from different parts of the world.


1. Fast and Easy payments. Payoneer also helps you to send bulk payments to multiple receptions.

2. It leverages multiple options for billing, invoice, and payments.

3. It also helps you to receive payments in multiple currencies. All you need to do is just set up a virtual bank account and you can even withdraw all the funds in your local banks anytime.


1. As Payoneer has low forex rates, the cost of currency conversion is quite high.

2. Poor Customer support. Takes 2 days or more to get back to customer’s question.

Payoneer Fees:

•Receiving payments from a virtual bank account is free for many currencies and charges 1% fee for US dollars.

•Payment receivable through debit/credit card attracts 3% fee.

Where Does Payoneer Work?

• It works in 200+ countries and capable of processing transactions in almost 100 currencies.

2. Stripe:

• Stripe is one of the best alternatives to PayPal to accept easy and faster payments within seconds.

•It offers a simple and easy interface with full payment integration features to help customers with faster payment transfer.


1.Simple and easy to use and setup.

2.A fully integrated system that works well with third-party services and 300 + mobile apps.

3. Provides multiple payment options to customers like various debit/credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Bit coin.

4. Supports custom development and integration. No additional international payment fees.


1. As of now, stripe only supports 19 countries.

Stripe Fees:

In the US, Stripe charges a flat fee of 2.9% of every transaction along with an additional 30c per transaction.

Where Does Stripe Work?

Stripe is available for business in 25 countries.

3. Amazon Payments:

•Amazon payments are not just restricted to sell on Amazon. Instead, you can integrate Amazon payments in your web development and allow people to pay for goods or services by using their Amazon account details.


1.As Amazon gets access to millions of customers, strong branding increases conversions and creates a trust for users.

2.Being blessed with the huge customer base, users details are already stored that makes payments quick and easy.


1.Amazon web-pay cannot be accessed by non-US residents.

Amazon Payment Fees:

1.Domestic Payments:

A flat fee of 2.9% on each transaction followed by an additional 30c per transaction.

2.International Payments:

A flat fee of 3.9% on each transaction followed by an additional 30c per transaction.

Where Does Amazon Payment Work?

Amazon Web pay is currently available only in the United States.


• is one of the oldest and renowned payment service providers that hold more than 20-year experience in providing payment services.


1.Accept money from clients and customers globally.

2.Availability of development API that works well with Android and iPhone development services.

3.Worldwide payment acceptance from clients and customers globally. Payment Fees:

•Setup Fee: $49

•Monthly Fee: $25

•Domestic payment: 2.9% every transaction and an additional 30c per transaction.

•International Payment: An additional fee of 1.5% on every single transaction.

Well, there are much more online payment services available in the market. Before you choose and kick start with any payment gateway, here is some useful tip that you can always keep in mind to get the best one in hand.

1.As some payment processor charges hidden fees, it is advisable to have an eye on the entire fee schedule.

2.If you want premium services like the point of sale support and recurring bill, make sure that you understand all the features related to it.

3.You can always explore the option of custom API integration to streamline your e-commerce website development process in an effective manner.

I hope this article will help you to choose the best payment service provider for your business. If you have experienced success with other options too, do let us know in comments below. Thank you!

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