Online shopping platforms are no more complex like Rubik’s cube, neither for developers nor for shoppers.  Burgeoning tech innovations like Artificial intelligence (AI), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) are creating present as well as full fledge future. E-commerce entrepreneurs are coming up with enhancing platforms that have redefined “Online Shopping” concept.

Facebook Bot: Developed using Artificial intelligence it is an automated process that provides high human interaction and upsurges customer service support, gives apt live solutions and is always there for customers as a purchase assistance.proliferate in a short span by reaching to their customers’ home and giving them a true experience of how the product will look.

How to utilize Facebook messenger bots?

  • Customer Service: Social media platforms have got blended into our daily routine so are the chatting platforms which are part of it. Those customers who are satisfied with your E-commerce website services, those same can be approached via chatbots. Not only that, you can also provide personalized chat experience to your new shoppers. Customers can get all their complexities solved anytime, from anywhere with help of automated chat process.
  • Order confirmation & updates: Your shoppers now no longer need to open your website platform frequently to keep an eye on your orders. With smart bots, you can provide your customers with enhancing features like, they can manage their orders as well as shipping confirmation, and you can also send tracking codes or updates related it. If you have a high optimal bot that saves shoppers order history then you can provide them with direct shop option, they can browse and can reorder the same direction.
  • Upsell & Cross Sell: Enriching and satisfactory buying experience will directly reflect your sales. Via bots, you can directly promote your new products. Once you are aware of purchasing habits and demographic details of your shoppers you can give them relevant recommendations related to their interests. Overflooding of your promotional activities can many times closes the door for further engagement.

Tips to build smart Chatbots:

  • Simple and relevant language for instructions: Easy to understand and brief content is core when it comes to conveying your business services. Users should be provided with simple answers related to their needs.
  • Guided Responses: NLP technology is making computers understand complex texts and formulates the same into intelligent responses. With clear and relevant texts you can prompt users with responses. This won’t force your customers to carry out conversations and will keep interaction dynamic and in the flow.
  • Effective plan: Understand why you need a bot, what problem it will solve? Think like a customer and then come up with actual context. Plan strategies according to your online business and then reach your customers.

Facebook Bot has given a new direction to E-commerce businesses. It has blended socializing features with ways of carrying out businesses. Bots are capable enough to handle infinite requests at a time, it helps in generating traffic and also upsurges brand, it understands individual’s preferences and accordingly customizes with varied e-commerce attributes like size, color etc. Get your E-commerce bot developed and provide your customers with your potential services via personalized interaction channel.


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