AI is the most talked about technology in the recent times. Every industry seems to be in a rush to figure out ways of harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence. How can it change Magento is indeed an interesting question? This technology is day by day becoming pervasive and that too without you being even consciously aware of the fact that you are relying on it more and more with each passing day. Before delving deep into this topic let’s take a glance at the points that are discussed in this piece-

What are the most anticipated changes AI can bring to Magento?

Incredible Consumer Experience

Emphasis on Context-Based Search

Virtual Purchase Assistance

Visual Search

Protection from Online Theft and Fraud

Better Customer Care

The idea leading to the use and development of the AI technology and its increasing penetration is based on some factors as stated below-

Need of the understanding of the end users behaviour patterns that can be done easily by the use of AI.

Large amounts of data can be analyzed with the help of AI-based programs.

AI can provide solutions without requiring any human intervention.

In the world of e-commerce where endless user data is available to interpret for providing amazing results, AI can be very helpful. Approximately 19% of Alexa’s top 1 million e-commerce stores are powered by Magento, making it the most utilized e-commerce CMS. Since the market share of Magento is huge, there are promising possibilities. Magento is most talked about by developers for creating Artificial Intelligence driven E-commerce solutions.

According to the Gartner, about 80% of the communications with the customers will not be human-mediated by the end of 2020. Likewise, by the end of 2018, digital assistants will recognize the faces and the voices of the customers. AI is making possible shopping experiences similar to in-store shopping for customers in the comfort of their homes.

What are the most anticipated changes AI can bring in Magento?

Artificial Intelligence in Magento will entirely change and personalize the consumer experiences.

Incredible Consumer Experience:

For a better customer experience, purchase assistants that are incorporated into AI can be used for reaching the right users at the right time. For humans, this is difficult and next to impossible to analyze the behaviour of the consumers based on their historical data and provide them with personalized assistance.

Emphasis on Context-Based Search:

The main functionality of any e-commerce store is the product search and Magento has already some impressive search extensions. AI-powered searches will enhance this to a great extent. The search bar is the first place where any consumer would go to on any site.

Virtual Purchase Assistance:

Virtual purchase assistance is yet to be released but can be sooner or later. Purchase assistant will be able to analyze and monitor e-commerce stores for upcoming deals, new products, and the best feature will be that they can even add products to the cart on your behalf and can even perform the checkout process.

Visual Search:

Now businesses are exploring the possibility of the visual search with the help of AI. You can take a picture of any product from your mobile camera and then search for similar products. This will make searching extremely easy and nearly instant.

Protection from Online Theft and Fraud:

A major setback that e-commerce businesses face is online theft and frauds. With the help of AI, false positives will be controlled. Different channels produce multiple risks of fraud in comparison to in-person transactions.

Better Customer Care:

Customer support can be better performed with the help of AI. AI Bots provide effective 24*7 customer support service with great precision.

These are some most of the common but at the same time most utilitarian and talked about impacts that AI is presumed to have on Magento. There are already a lot of Magento based AI options available in the market. E-commerce giants like Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay take advantage of Artificial Intelligence. This is the right time to think about using AI to your e-commerce business. Its true impact on the commercial sector can only be measured in the near future.

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