Will Demonstrating Product As “Problem-Solver” Improve Your Ecommerce Sales?

Picture this – You go to an ecommerce site, pick up a flawless and stylish dress and quickly order it as per your size. A few days later, you got your product (dress), but as it doesn’t fit you, you return it.

According to some industry executives, approximately 2 out of 6 apparels delivered to customers get returned due to inappropriate fitting, or lousy color or whatsoever the reason is.

According to Abof, CTO, Mahesh Tiyyagura, “People wouldn’t buy clothes until they feel a proper sense of fitting. Even if they buy it, they would undoubtedly return the product it if it doesn’t fit them and give them the look they long for. This will eventually degrade the company’s reputation.”

Nowadays, creating a product is an exciting venture, especially if the market and consumer research have revealed a desperate need still, in-depth and comprehensive solutions aren’t available yet. Customers want solutions to their problems but, the real problem is they are unable to identify what they exactly need. And, this is where you come in. So,


Are you an eCommerce store owner?


If your answer is yes, this post with an eye on “Product as a key problem-solver” will drag you towards the last phrase!

The most successful companies are the one that develops products or services that solve majority problems. For instance: Smartphones solves many problems like checking email while shopping groceries, having internet access during unavailability of the laptop, fitness watches counting steps and calories burnt and lot more.


Are You Aware Of This?


According to the latest research,

Top reasons for consumers returning products are:

1. 20% – Received damaged products

2. 22% – Product received looks different

3. 23% – Received the wrong item

4. 35% – Other Reasons

The major reason for customer returning the products is they are not solving their problem. One of the best ways to describe a product is to explain how it will solve the problem.


How to Explain Product as “Problem-Solver”?


1. Use Simple And Loud Branding Of Site, Company Or Products:


Simple And Loud Branding Of Site

Poo-Pourri relies on simple and effective images and videos to promote the product as a key” problem solver”.

Through a series of scripted videos and simple relevant images, Poo-Pourri has experienced a huge success. The Poo-Pourri lady handles such uncomfortable an embarrassing situation in a graceful manner. If it was not for tackling the toilet odor problems in a way, we can relate the same product as a beautiful packaging in floral design cover – which wouldn’t have gained much popularity.


2. Integrate Images & Videos To Show Specific Usage:

2.	Integrate Images & Videos To Show Specific Usage


For more than century, people have heavily relied on Philips Multipurpose Mixer Grinder. There are multiple brands that produce similar kind of product. Sales of such type of multipurpose problem-solving product that solves some multiple problems in a single shot rely heavily on contextual images and video demonstrations. This will ensure people about the functionalities and peculiarities of the product and the bullet points listing multiple uses also helps people to convert.

Image to showcast

Image: Amazon

The above image shows additional features and usage of the products that will help it to sell more.


3. For Enhanced Version Of Tried And True Products, Highlight The Upgrade:


3.	For Enhanced Version Of Tried And True Products, Highlight The Upgrade

Sharpie is one of the leading makers of pen, highlighters, and markers. Sharpie’s clear view chisel improves the highlighting process by eradicating blind spots that allow for more precision. It’s an amazing improvement to the already existing and the most successful concept: highlighting text on images.


4. Address Multiple Uses And Audiences:


Address Multiple Uses And Audiences

There are some products that hold multiple purposes. For instance, Swiss Army Knife. The product has versatile tools that are used for multiple purposes like as bottle opener, slicing fruits, scissors for trimming leaves and lot more. By highlighting multiple features, you are addressing the needs of multiple users through a single product which can also help to convert more users


Integration of Social Media Icons: Smart Marketing Strategy!


“Customer is one of the biggest marketers”


Let’s assume that someone who comes to your store, like your products and have added them to their shopping cart. But, what if they would like the same products to their friends or relatives?

Allowing users to recommend products is one of the best ways of effective brand engagement. By integrating various social media options like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Email, you allow your customers to directly market your products. This is how ecommerce marketing is gaining traction in the current scenario.


Customer Reviews And Ratings: Will It Prove Product As “Problem-Solver”?


Along with well-written product description, contextual image, self-explanatory videos, and appropriate call-to-actions, customer reviews and ratings do wonders for your ecommerce business.

As per the statistics, approximately 67% of the consumers will scroll down and have an eye over product reviews, usefulness, features, and ratings before making any purchasing decisions. So, it would be a bad idea to overlook reviews and ratings as a key element.


Planning To Leverage Effective UI/UX for More Conversions?


Offering seamless user –experience is the key. As majority searching is conducted via smartphones, eCommerce mobile app should be attractive, eye-catching as well unique. Make your investment worth by hiring best eCommerce mobile app development company and make changes visible to the world.


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