2.4.6; 2.4.5-p3; 2.4.4-p4

Checkout using Mobile OTP

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Automating Mobile OTP Verification is a comprehensive approach designed to enhance login security while ensuring a seamless user experience.

  • OTP via SMS and Email Verification Link authentication methods
  • Guest checkout integration
  • Pre-filled checkout forms
  • Customizable admin configurations

Benefits of Utilizing the Checkout using Mobile OTP

Key Benefits

  • Heightened security through dual authentication methods (OTP via SMS and Email Verification Link)
  • Enhanced user experience with flexible login options
  • Accelerated checkout processes for smoother transactions
  • Strengthened protection against unauthorized access attempts

Key Features

  1. OTP via SMS and Email Verification Link authentication methods
  2. Guest checkout integration
  3. Pre-filled checkout forms
  4. Customizable admin configurations
  5. Comprehensive login activity reporting

How the Extension Works

  1. The extension seamlessly integrates with SMS gateway APIs for OTP delivery, employing secure OTP generation and storage mechanisms
  2. .It ensures mobile-friendly interfaces, robust validation logic for authentication processes, and incorporates measures for OTP and link security.
  3. Additional functionalities such as OTP resend options, user-friendly visual cues, and effective error handling systems further enhance user interaction and system reliability.


  1. Access Reports: They navigate to the Reports section in the Admin Panel.
  2. Utilize Reports: Admins leverage the Login Activity Report to track login attempts and monitor security-related data.
  3. Apply Filters: They refine reports by date range, customer groups, or specific users to identify and address potential security issues promptly.

What is the Magento 2 Checkout using Mobile OTP extension?

This extension adds an extra layer of security to your Magento 2 checkout process by requiring customers to verify their identity using a one-time password (OTP) sent to their registered mobile phone number.

How does the checkout process work with the Mobile OTP extension?

During checkout, after entering shipping and billing information, customers will be prompted to enter a code received via SMS on their mobile phone. This code needs to be entered and verified to complete the order.

For which payment methods does Mobile OTP verification apply?

The extension configuration typically allows you to choose which payment methods require mobile OTP verification. This could be for all methods, specific ones, or none at all.

What happens if a customer doesn't receive the OTP?

Most extensions offer a resend option for the OTP within a reasonable time limit. Customers can typically request a new code if the initial one is not received.

How long is the OTP valid for?

The validity period of the OTP can be configured by the admin in the extension settings. It's usually a short time frame, like a few minutes, to ensure security.

Can customers choose to bypass Mobile OTP verification?

Typically, no. Mobile OTP verification is an additional security step enforced during checkout to protect customers and reduce fraud.

Does the Mobile OTP extension work with international phone numbers?

Yes, most extensions support international phone numbers. They might require proper country code formatting for successful OTP delivery.

What SMS gateway integrations does the Mobile OTP extension offer?

Popular SMS gateway providers like Twilio, Plivo, or Amazon SNS are often supported by these extensions.

Are there any additional costs associated with the Mobile OTP extension?

Besides the extension cost itself, there might be additional charges for SMS deliveries depending on your chosen SMS gateway provider and their pricing plan.

How can I customize the Mobile OTP notification messages?

The extension might allow you to edit the SMS messages sent to customers. This could include customizing the message content and sender information.
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