Messaging App Vs Social Networking Apps

Who Won The Battle?

With the rise of AI and conversational commerce, the usage of messaging apps is rapidly increasing over social networking apps.

  • Messaging apps have surpassed social networking apps in terms of usage

  • Messaging apps provide various aspects such as quicker intellectual solutions, brand awareness, andautomate live support through Chatbots

  • Over 2.5 billion people have at least one messaging app installed and Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide

Here are some examples of popular Ecommerce Facebook Bot

  • 1800-Flowers

    It is one of the best eCommerce Bot available now. It is very easy and quick for making a purchase and browse products.

  • Spring

    Spring Shopping is another famous eCommerce Bot that approaches users with innovation and personalization.

  • eBay

    It allows users to browse products with possible attributes and helps to make a purchase.

Facebook Bot for Ecommerce

Convert Conversation into Conversion

Chatbots provide human-like interaction and improves customerexperience

  • It helps you drive customers with personalization and predetermined answers
  • It helps your customers to find appropriate products
  • It assists to make a purchase through sequential steps
  • It gives real-time information to your customers and aids in buying process
  • It allows users to browse products, sub-categories, and categories
Let's Facebook Bot to drive customers to your stores

Reasons to make Chatbot for your ecommerce business

Majority of the users are aware of Messenger platform so it is easy to interact and use
A bot can handle many requests at a time and provides accurate information
It attracts customers by enjoyable conversation experience
It can increase your customer bases and helps to promote your brand
It interprets the individual’s choice and also customizable with different ecommerce attributes such as size, color, patterns, and so on
It is scalable, real-time and digital service experience for your customers

Develop Ecommerce Bot toleverage AI

Identify your customers

The bots are also used for analysis and predict consumer behavior. With the help of comprehensive analytics and various metrics, you can identify your users.

  • Track the details of every conversation including rich media content (audio, video, location, and images)

  • Filter user conversations and categorized different user profiles

  • Measure conversation engagement and identify retained and engaged users

  • Find best engagement times

  • Discover user behaviors and track every user actions

  • Set up event tracking to define the frequency of an event

Enhance Ecommerce Sales by creating your own ecommerce bot

If you're running an ecommerce store, then it is the right time to get benefited by the touch of UI and providing optimum personalization to your customers. Facebook provides robust APIs and developer tools to build Bot directly into Messenger Platform.

There are 100,000 monthly active bots on the Messenger platform.

Make Significant ROI and Convert Your Leads into Business by Introducing Your Own Business Bot

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