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Food trucks- the restaurants on the wheels are exploding in popularity where customers flock to enjoy the unorthodox and ethnic flavours. The food truck business is growing and so its customers' expectations. Customers want the food order get processed at speed. To delight the customers and fulfill their on-the-rise needs, embracing mobile POS solution has become all-imperative for food trucks.

No More Long Queues

Don't let any customer standing in a line to go away without tasting your food because of the tiresome waiting times. The POS solution let the lines moving even in the peak hours by allowing the customers to browse the product catalogue, order the food, make the payment and get the receipt at fingertips.


Card Reader in BvPOS is meant for the safe and secured payment transactions using credit card and debit card and signatures are captured and stored digitally safely.


This wireless barcode scanner enables the long range barcode scanning and high battery life.


This durable and dependable cash drawer is specifically made for cash payments so as to keep cash safe.


This fast, reliable and wireless printer is easy to setup and lets you print custom receipts.

Track sales on-the-go

From a single dashboard, customer's data and sales can be analyzed, and also the reports are generated for the same. The detailed reporting and analytics assist the businesses in making smart decisions that help them grow.

Centralized management

Managing the long list of customers, orders and inventories is the biggest nightmare. With BvPOS, all the information is stored at one place from where it can be effortlessly accessed and managed on any device anytime, anywhere.

Eat up all types of payment

The only way to get close to the customers is to accomodate your business the way customers want. So start accepting every type of payment, be it cash, debit cards, credit cards, loyalty points or gift card. BvPOS could even enable you to accept the payment in online as well as offline mode.

It's time to upgrade your POS

Embrace the food truck POS that scale asyour buisness grows


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