‘Gamification’, still an unknown term for a lot of people in eCommerce industry, actually turns out to be one of the best keys to unlock the problem of low engagement and conversion rate. eCommerce gamification extension for Magento is a great tool that thinks in the context of game, but implements it into eCommerce website to enhance the shopping experience and take the customer engagement to the next level, turning the passive visitors to the active shoppers.

Gamifications Survey

Gone are those when people used to stand outside the store with the papers and pens to get the surveys filled up from the shoppers. In this modern age, no one has got time to fill up the surveys that way. In order to gather information from the shoppers using the standardized procedures, we have developed survey extension.

This Magento eCommerce gamification extension lets us ask same questions to a large number of people in the same way in the structured format. This Brainvire Survey extension provides you with an easy interface to generate questions and answers as well as analyze and manage the Magento store.

FEATURES of Gamifications

  • Dynamic real time

    discountingon product and category pages

  • Prompted

    Coupon based


  • Best suggestion

    based on customer

    browsing history.

  • Email subscription

    for best offers.

  • Real time chat

  • Abide by standard

    Magento practices

  • Easy to setup

    Easy to install.

Front End Customer Panel

  • Low Price Check

    Low Price Check

    Select your price form list of values

    or select an option 'custom value'

    if you want to enter the desired price

  • Discount Without Coupon

    Discount Without Coupon

    A popup appears on product page

    which allows customers to avail online discounting

    on an item within certain time without coupon.

  • Discount Offer

    Discount Offer

    Customer can get the best offer inside

    email inbox. on the basis of

    their browsing pattern.

  • Onfly Coupon for Category

    Onfly Coupon for Category

    A popup will appear which will

    have discount coupon for the products

    of the category that the shopper is browsing.

  • Onfly Coupon for Product

    Onfly Coupon for Product

    A popup will appear which will

    have discount coupon for the product

    that the shopper is browsing.

Gamifications Survey Features

Front End Customer panel (Survey)

  • One Page

    One Page

    All questions and answers will be displayed

    on single page. Once user completes filling

    up one page survey, it will be submitted.

  • Question Per Page

    Question Per Page

    One question will be answered at a time.

    Upon click "NEXT", next question will appear.

    After completing all questions customer.

    can submit the form

  • Customer Can Attend Survey

    Customer Can Attend Survey

    After answering all questions of survey, when customer

    submits form, he will get discount coupon code

    as per setup while creating Survey.

    For details about survey, refer survey user guide.

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