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Managing a hardware store is no easy task! Stocking and keeping a track of all those cleaning products, lawn and garden equipment, electrical and plumbing supplies, tools, etc., is quite a tedious task. Even the smallest hardware store having a less retail space could have a larger hardware inventory to track. However, the hassling days are over! Introducing – BvPOS for Hardware Stores. Our POS solution focuses on order information, ease of inventory management, speed, and flexibility.


Card Reader in BvPOS is meant for the safe and secured payment transactions using credit card and debit card and signatures are captured and stored digitally safely.


This wireless barcode scanner enables the long range barcode scanning and high battery life.


This durable and dependable cash drawer is specifically made for cash payments so as to keep cash safe.


This fast, reliable and wireless printer is easy to setup and lets you print custom receipts.

End to Those Never Ending Line of Customers Waiting To Pay

Our POS offers ease of use and the simplicity of design can save your time by streamlining the transaction process. BvPOS solution takes care of everything. Whether it is adding discounts or scanning products, payment options or detailed analytics, BvPOS pretty much covers all.

Enables You to Create a Lucrative Inventory

Keep a track of everything you sell and what remains in stock. Be it nuts, bolts, equipment, tools, etc. Stay updated with the products stocked up and what needs to be refilled. BvPOS solution offers you to check the products that are more in demand and the ones that aren’t.

Bring New Customers In

Offer a smooth and easy order-in and takeaways that impress your customers with our BvPOS. It gives your customers a reason to come back. A happy customer who loves your coffee or muffin along with customer service is likely to tag another two along with him/her. Besides, every customer has different preference and they can order differently such as particular espresso blend or soy milk. You can make customers’ orders more personal with our highly organized system.

Enjoy Multi-Store Transfer

You can set the access levels at multiple locations of your store with our mobile POS system. Keep a track of all the transactions and sale going on across all the branches from one place. BvPOS is one of the safest approach to handle to your business. It verifies the authentication and keeps a tab on number of failed login attempts. Also, it helps to access the database information.

Meet Our Payment Providers

BvPOS supports variety of payment gateways. Of course, cash is included. You can make your payment through PayPal on your credit card. Our other modes of payment include Eagle and Star Card.

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Profits simultaneously with BvPOS.


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