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Image Upload through FTP

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This extension automates the process of uploading product images through CSV files via FTP, streamlining the management and updating of product images in bulk. Admins can easily specify FTP server details and efficiently handle batch processing of multiple products and associated images from a single CSV file.

  • The extension provides real-time feedback on the upload progress and any errors encountered, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Supports batch processing of multiple products and images, improving productivity.
  • Streamlines the process of managing and updating product images in bulk, saving time and effort.

Benefits of Utilizing the FTP Image Upload Module

Key Benefits

  • Efficiency: Streamlines the process of managing and updating product images in bulk, saving time and effort.
  • Automation: Automates the uploading process via CSV files through FTP, reducing manual work.
  • Flexibility: Allows Magento Admins to specify FTP server details, making it adaptable to different server configurations.
  • Batch Processing: Supports batch processing of multiple products and images, improving productivity.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Provides real-time updates on the upload progress and any errors, enhancing transparency and control.
  • Seamless Integration: Automatically associates uploaded images with products in the Magento catalog, ensuring accurate and up-to-date product displays.
  • Data Management: Replaces old images with new ones upon each CSV update, keeping the product catalog current and relevant.

Key Features

  1. Bulk management and updating of product images.
  2. Automated uploading of product images via CSV files using FTP.
  3. Configuration options for FTP server details (hostname, port, username, password, directory path).
  4. Batch processing for multiple products and their associated images from CSV uploads.
  5. Real-time feedback on upload progress and error notifications.
  6. Automatic association of uploaded images with respective products in Magento.
  7. Replacement of old images with new ones upon CSV data updates for data accuracy.

How the Extension Works

System Configurations:

  1. FTP Connection Settings:     
    • Configure FTP connection details in the Admin panel under  Stores > Configuration > Brainvire > FTP Import Product Data > FTP Connection.

  2. Product Image Configurations:
    • Enable Cron to import Product Images:

      • Decide whether to use Cron to read the uploaded CSV files.

    • FTP CSV Read Cron Schedule Time:

      • Set the schedule for Cron to process CSV files.

    • Queue Batch Size:

      • Specify the batch size for adding data to the queue.

    • Upload CSV for Image Import:

      • Admins can upload the CSV file containing product image data from here.

    • Product Images Folder:

      • Specify the path of the media directory where images are located for import.

    • Delete images from Local server once imported from Remote server?

      • Choose whether to delete images from the local server after successful import from the remote server.

CSV Data Handling:

  • Once data is updated via CSV:

    • Existing SKUs in the CSV will replace old data in Magento.

    • Ensure CSV headers are correctly formatted: [SKU, base_image, additional_image].

    • Sample CSV format is provided for reference.

Image Import Log:

  • Access the import log at Admin panel > Catalog > FTP Images Import > Import Log.

  • Once Cron runs, CSV files are moved to the tmp/ folder, and their processing status can be viewed here.

  • Admins can download uploaded CSV files and view detailed logs.

  • Status updates include:

    • Pending: Queue has not yet run.

    • In Progress: Queue is actively processing.

    • Completed: Queue processing has finished.

  • Click on "View Log" to check queue status and detailed output results.

  • Success:

    • Images are successfully updated in Magento.

  • Failure:

    • Error logs display issues encountered during the process.

    • Non-displaying images are noted for further action.


  • The uploaded product images/videos will be displayed on the frontend.

What is the purpose of a Magento 2 Image Upload through FTP extension?

This extension streamlines uploading product images to your Magento 2 store. Instead of relying on the Magento admin panel, you can leverage an FTP client for the process.

Are there any advantages to using an FTP upload extension?

Absolutely. For those managing a vast number of product images, FTP clients provide a faster and more efficient upload solution compared to the Magento admin interface's one-by-one approach. Additionally, this extension empowers you to edit images using external software and then upload the final versions directly through FTP. Furthermore, some extensions integrate with product information management (PIM) systems, allowing image uploads directly from the PIM system via FTP.

Are there any security risks involved with uploading images through FTP?

While FTP upload offers convenience, it's not without security considerations. If your FTP credentials fall into the wrong hands, malicious files could be uploaded to your store. Additionally, incorrect file permissions assigned during upload can create security vulnerabilities.

How does the extension ensure uploaded images are linked to the correct products?

- Filename convention: The extension might require you to adhere to a specific naming format for your image files (e.g., product_id_image.jpg). This allows the extension to automatically link the image to the corresponding product within Magento. - CSV import: Some extensions might utilize a CSV file. Here, you specify the product ID and the filename of the uploaded image to establish the link between them.

Does the extension handle image optimization and resizing?

The functionalities can vary depending on the extension. While some might offer basic resizing options within their settings, it's generally recommended to resize and optimize your images before uploading them through FTP for optimal performance.

What image formats are typically compatible with these extensions?

Most extensions will support popular image formats like JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

Can I upload other file types besides images through this extension?

No, typically not. These extensions are designed specifically for uploading product images to Magento.

How do I configure the extension to work with my FTP server?

The setup process usually involves providing your FTP server details during extension configuration. This includes information like hostname, username, password, and potentially the directory path designated for image uploads.

Is any technical expertise required to use this extension?

Basic familiarity with FTP clients and potentially image naming conventions can be helpful. However, the extension itself should provide clear instructions for configuration and usage.

Are there any alternatives to using an FTP upload extension?

Yes. You can upload images directly through the Magento admin panel interface. Additionally, some extensions might offer alternative upload methods like drag-and-drop functionality or integration with cloud storage services.
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