Magento – Odoo Integration

Our BV Odoo Magento Connector, as the name suggests connects the latest versions of Odoo and Magneto. However, you might be having several questions in your mind right now, “Why integration in the first place?”, “Why Odoo?”, “How will it be beneficial to my store?” The list goes on… Well, here are the answers to all your questions…
Every eCommerce store merchant wants to grow their business to boost up sales and attain goals at the earliest. Well, ‘The change begins with you’, so streamlining your business process and increase the productivity is what you should do at first, before marching ahead to impress customers. There is nothing better than integrating your online store with ERP software, if you want to streamline the process.
Now that you know the reason behind integrating your store with ERP software, it is right time to choose one. If you are looking out for cost effective web based ERP software, you cannot get better than Odoo.

Why Choose Odoo?

Odoo is the leading open source ERP software available in market, which offers complete web based ERP solution with thousands of modules for small and medium sized businesses. Connecting Odoo with your Magento eCommerce store will add wings to your online shop. It is 100 percent open source and compatible. It automates the payment flow and quickly loads the testing results.

Multiple Magento store management

Multiple Magento store management: This is an ideal solution for merchants having multiple stores, as it enables inventory management from a single software. It is better option for store management being easy and time savvy, rather than managing the stores from the respective back end.

One tool multiple functionality

One tool multiple functionality: The feature-rich tool lets you manage multiple things right from the product catalogs, orders, shipments and invoices to customers, stock levels and tracking numbers of packages.

Multi-currency and multi-language

Multi-currency and multi-language: The BV Odoo Magento Connector will help you to manage your eCommerce store in countries across the world, as it can deal with multiple currencies and languages.

How Odoo Magento integration will benefit your store?

Shipping integration

Shipping integration: As Odoo integrates with the famous shipping carriers, you can manage your shipping services in out of the box way and take it to the next level by integrating Odoo with your Magento eCommerce store.

Quick and efficient decision making remotely

Quick and efficient decision making remotely: All you need is internet connectivity, and you can get the real time results and reports which helps you in taking effective and efficient decisions from anywhere.

Why to buy Odoo Magento Connector from Brainvire?

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