Reasons to integrate Your Magento Store with Rakuten
  • Get a new customer base to promote your business
  • Sell your products on a widely popular marketplace and increase your business sales
  • Save efforts, time and costs required to set up a customer base for your business
  • Gain maximum exposure for your products and take up your business to new heights
  • Improve ROI and strengthen your brand identity

Our prowess of being the one stop solution provider to fulfill your marketplace integration needs is what keeps us ahead in the competition.

What makes our services the best in market

If you want to gain maximum benefits from Magento Rakuten integration, then you need to establish a proper and flawless connection between both the platforms.

At EcomExtension, we can provide Magento Rakuten integration services straight out of the box using M2E Pro. We ensure that a harmonious sink is established between the platforms so that you can easily import your products from your Magento store and list them on Rakuten Marketplace through a hassle-free process.

We can help you connect your Magento store with Rakuten so that you can easily sell the products of your choice on Rakuten and increase the sales of your web store.

Benefits You Get by Integrating Rakuten with Your Web store

Once we have integrated your online store with Rakuten, here is the list of things that you shall be able to manage easily.

  • Importing the products from your Magento store to Rakuten
  • Data synchronization – Maintaining inventory, customer and product data sink between your web store and Rakuten
  • Maintaining the Rakuten orders right from your web store
  • Manage product prices on marketplace
  • Providing quicker access to shipping and tracking information to your customers
  • Easy management of returns, refunds and cancellations

Want to list your products on one of the biggest marketplaces in the world? Then get going with Magento Rakuten Integration right now. Give us a call and relax as we carry out the integration for you.

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