Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace

Avail seamless opportunities to Marketplace owners by providing a platform for selling together to maximum customers


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Customer Panel
Vendor Panel
Admin Panel

This Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Enables a win-win Situation For

Marketplace Owners

How does it benefit?

Vendors can result in high revenue generation by maximizing customers and sales
Enables commission for Marketplace owner decided with vendors
A wide range of products availability for customers covering different vendors

What are the features of Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace?

What are the
advantages for the customer?

  • View all the products from all the vendors
  • Compare attributes and select the best among them
  • Avail least price suggestions on the top by various vendors
  • Analyze vendor's profile and give feedback for the same
  • Enables customers to raise the ticket in order to resolve the issue
  • Customers are able to place an order for multiple products by vendors
  • Each seller can have a seperate order entry

Comprehensive Admin Panel Features

Management and Dashboard

  • Entire management of all the vendors and their transactions
  • Manages vendor based orders and commissions
  • A dashboard consists of complete management of products, product’s statusand, product orders.
  • Set different commissions for different sellers

Dashboard includes

  • Chart representation of orders and amount
  • Customized report management that enables average orders, last 5 search terms, best sellers and most viewed product information, etc.
  • Organized way of vendor’s detail covering revenue generation track

All- inclusive vendor features

  • Vendor’s Dashboard Includes

  • Product management features

  • Transaction & order process Management

  • Shipping method configuration & refund management

  • Advanced Search features

  • Robust Report Management


Vendor order history

Vendor vertical navigation

Summary of sales and orders

Sales and payment report block

Vendor can create product

Define product categories

Assign product categories

Manage inventory and all related transactions

Manage orders in grid

Create shipment transactions and generate packing slip

Maintain order status and all related attributes

Manage transactions by applying date range filter

Cancel order and refund order transaction management

Manage refunds

Payment transactions

Add shipping processes

Edit shipping processes

The vendor can able to search by order ID.

Advanced order search

Advanced Inventory search

Sales dashboard with chart representation

Customers by order totals and feedback reports

Order reports and order by status

Most viewed and bestselling products

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