The One-Stop Solution Of All Your CRM Needs

CRM supercharge the company's interaction with its customers, and automate the sales and marketing processes. That's where OroCRM solution stands at the top.

OroCRM is the open-source platform that's built leveraging PHP and Symfony2 framework to aptly fulfill all the B2B and B2C Ecommerce businesses needs. It can be easily integrated with any Magento store and benefit them with its set of features.

It power up the businesses with all the functionalities that different systems like- Google analytics, Email marketing and tracking system, Customer interaction and Ecommerce dashboard provides.

Ecomextension team strive to provide the profound information to the Ecommerce with state-of-the-art OroCRM solutions and services development to fuel up their growth and upsurge productivity. Also, the team has wide experience of developing, implementing and maintaining OroCRM solution for the leading businesses.

OroCRM Services We Provide

  • OroCRM installation and configuration
  • OroCRM custom app development
  • OroCRM integration services
  • OroCRM data migration
  • Maintenance and optimization services
  • OroCRM on-going support and training

The benefits at your end after embracing OroCRM

OroCRM magical features centralize the communication, enable the launch of personalized sales and marketing campaigns, and provide unparalleled customer services. Let's dig deeper toknow what are the jaw dropping features OroCRM offer

  • Allow you to track your customers in real-time
  • Create and launch automated email marketing campaign
  • Enable you to analyze the marketing campaign success
  • Generate customized reports that match your needs
  • You can trace every customer interaction
  • Redefine the workflow and optimize the processes
  • Troubleshooting and fix all the bugs that your Ecommerce is facing

How can we help you for your OroCRM needs?

With a single view of customers, Ecomextension team engineer OroCRM solutions for Ecommerce that's customized to their needs. From OroCRM installation to development to the implementation, our team is right there to assist you and solve every problem that impacts your business. Are you looking for bespoke solution that align CRM with your business processes? If yes, then your need of providing personalized customer experience and best customer service will end here. Get teamed up with Ecomextension to get relieved from your business CRM needs' stress.

Industries We Serve

  • Retail
  • Mobile and Wireless
  • Finance
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Advertising

Winning projects where we have integrated OroCRM

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