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With time, the way pets treated has changedalong with the pet supplies to the expenditure made by the pet owners. Now, the pet owners entering the pet store anticipates pet food, grooming products like- fun sweaters, personalized collars, shampoo, training, grooming services and a lot more. In the fierce competition catering all the customers’ needs and managing store operations alongside offering exceptional customer service is not an easy deal. That’s where BvPos solution comes to the rescue. The all-in-one solution to fulfil all your pet store needs.

Improve The Visibility Into Inventory

All the pet supplies which your pet store offers from pet accessories to the food cannot be tracked easily with manual counting. The POS solution always keeps you updated about the stock in the real-time and lets you know what’s selling fast and what’s still on the shelves so that your customers will never be disappointed.


Card Reader in BvPOS is meant for the safe and secured payment transactions using credit card and debit card and signatures are captured and stored digitally safely.


This wireless barcode scanner enables the long range barcode scanning and high battery life.


This durable and dependable cash drawer is specifically made for cash payments so as to keep cash safe.


This fast, reliable and wireless printer is easy to setup and lets you print custom receipts.

Master Multiple Stores Management

Now, managing the multiple pet stores is like a walk in the park. No hassle of moving to every store to keep a record of all the transactionsmade and sales individually. With one system, you can manage all the pet stores, pet supplies they have, their inventory and the customers seamlessly.

Deep Insights To Succeed

A lot of data that loads of transactions and customer purchase are generating can be organized and detailed reports can be generated, which provide rich insights about the business decisions. The analytics keep the pet store owners on the top of what’s selling more, what’re the trends and what the customers will anticipate.

Don’t Forget Your Customers

Customers’ data that you already have in your hand is the biggest weapon to breed loyalty and enhance customer experience. Set up the personalized marketing campaigns based on the customer purchase history for their pets, which in turn make your customer feel special and the discounts offered to bring them back to your pet store.

Open An Online Pet Store

Selling the myriad of pet supplies online means building a new online store which will dig a big hole in the pocket, is the myth that dreads almost every pet owner. Fret not! The BvPos solution aids you to get an edge in the digital world and double your sales without increasing any costs by synchronizing the physical pet store supplies with the online store.

It's Time To Upgrade Your POS

Embrace the POS solution to get ahead of the pack!


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