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Now Sell Smarter with Sales Servant Extension for Magento !
Sales Servant Extension allows you to integrate with to register yourself and derive the benefits of online promotions, affiliate marketing and much more!

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Sales Servant Extension for Magento is a perfect affiliate solution for your brand and provides for a great way to connect with the right publishers to increase engagement, traffic and online sales. Being integrated with it ensures that your brand is connected to the publishers that match your brand positioning and strategic goals.

With our sales servant extension, you can connect to a platform where you can grow your online presence and get targeted visitors with affiliates that are tailored to your brand’s requirements and values!


  • Easy setup and quick configuration.

  • Integrates with sales servant website and connects you to a host of publishers and brands.

  • Helps improve online presence.

  • Drives more targeted visitors.

  • Increases website traffic and hence increases sales.

  • A complete affiliate solution with great benefits.

  • Simple configuration by inserting code from sales servant to your ecommerce store.

  • Reach out to customers effortlessly.

  • Easy tracking of clicks and sales for commission calculation.

  • A wider marketplace to sell your products and services.

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