AI Product FAQs Module:Effortlessly Create Comprehensive FAQs for Your Products

Stop wasting time manually writing FAQs! The AI Product FAQs module automates the process, saving you time and effort while generating high-quality, informative FAQs that boost customer satisfaction and conversions.


Benefits of Utilizing the AI FAQ Content Extension for Business Success

Save Time & Resources

Generate FAQs in seconds using AI, freeing up your team for other tasks

Improved Customer Experience

Provide comprehensive answers to customer questions, leading to better customer satisfaction

Increased Conversions

Well-written FAQs can address customer concerns, leading to more sales


Manually write FAQs or leverage AI generation, whichever suits your needs

How it Works

Easy Configuration

1. Enable the AI Product FAQs module in the Brainvire AI Configuration section

2. Choose your preferred AI model (ChatGPT or Gemini).

3. Enter the Base URL and API key for your chosen model

Multi-Faceted FAQ Management

1. General Settings: Set the title, URL prefix, and display location (header, footer, category menu) for your FAQs

2. Homepage & Search: Manage FAQ display on the homepage, select a layout, and configure search, navigation, and sorting options

3. Rating System: Enable ratings for user feedback and choose whether guest users can participate.

Create and Manage FAQs

Page AiFAQs:

1. Add new FAQs, specifying questions, URLs (optional), URL keys, stores to display them in, and short & full answers.

2. Set visibility (public, logged-in users only, or none) and status (pending or answered).

3. Assign ratings (positive, negative, or average)

Product AiFAQs

1. The process is similar to Page AiFAQs, with the addition of selecting specific product pages where the FAQs will be displayed.

Generate AiFAQs

1. For existing products, access the product details page and use the “Generate AiFAQs” feature to automatically generate a set number of FAQs

Generate Page AiFAQs

1. Create FAQs from scratch by entering a topic name, content, and desired number of questions. Click “Generate AiFAQs” to let AI do the work.


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In their ongoing testing of the completed work, the partner has noticed significant improvements in the quality of code and usability of the overall solution. The product no longer crashes and contains fewer bugs. The team’s transparency and commitment to set timelines added value to the engagement.

Michelle Marcial

CEO, Food Waste Prevention Startup

The capabilities enabled by the design of the new website have saved the client an incredible amount of money and time, more than paying for the cost of the project itself and pleasing company stakeholders. The Brainvire Infotech team is creative, responsive, and flexible to changing requirements.

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President, Bay Alarm Medical

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Jamal Al Masri

General Manager, Blink

Tailored Solutions for Leading Enterprises

Take Control of Your FAQs

Reduced Cost

Eliminate the need for manual FAQ creation.

Consistent Quality

Ensures all FAQs maintain your brand voice and style

Improved SEO

Comprehensive FAQs can improve your website’s search ranking.


 Easily manage FAQs as your product range grows

AI Product FAQs Module