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It is not only about eCommerce that is growing exponentially, along with that, there are many tech advancements which polish the eCommerce industry. Clearly, organisations are keeping customer-centric approach as a chief business strategy to make better user-experience.


While eCommerce have changed the entire way one make the purchase and runs the business, consumers are given a wide range of alternatives for particular products. E-commerce store, mCommerce application and marketplace integration are building new heights with higher consumer engagement ratio and significant ROI.

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Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.Jeffrey Gitomer


According to eMarketer source, 

Worldwide eCommerce sales predicted to reach at $27 trillion in the year of 2020.


By the year of 2019, eMarketer expects worldwide online sales will more than double to $3.578 trillion, which is 12.8% of total retail spending.


Due to this continuous expansion of the eCommerce economy, eCommerce sector is being progressively competitive. Existing eCommerce stores and newer ones are struggling to get found and make their investment worth.


Indubitably, eCommerce application development and Mobile commerce application are not limited to only eCommerce background. With the invent of many enhanced concepts such as conversational commerce, visual commerce, and depth learning are being integrated into the system.


Well, covering the customer perspective as a whole in the form of leading strategies, here are some advanced technology concepts that affect the eCommerce battlefield.


This article will draw your attention through technological eCommerce insights which help you understand the current trend and its implementation.


Let’s Chatbots Do The Talking, No, Increasing Sales!

Whether you want to use digital assistance or not, the rise of AI has made us think in that way. The majority of the platforms are trying to touch the potential through the use of AI and IoT.


To facilitate your customers and assist in a human-like approach is the need of today’s customer-centric environment. To experience this change, Chatbot is being used by many eCommerce store owners.

Ecommerce Development

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World’s giant tech organisations have launched Bot Development Framework and it is now newest topic with a touch of Artificial Intelligence.


According to, nearly half of customers are comfortable using Chatbot. An AI-based customer engagement is making room for investment in Chabot. Thus, the idea of personalization is clearly visible in result and practice, too.


User Experience To Be A Game-Changer In Ecommerce Battleground With Deep Learning Approach:

It is not a matter of a doubt that whether it is mCommerce app development or eCommerce development, and its advanced concepts can get the things done.


As machine-language and its advanced algorithms are widely used to accommodate artificial intelligence, deep learning is a new era of Machine learning research.


Improving the algorithmic approach and artificial network, AI has bright future by implementing the deep learning techniques. Many practical applications such as intelligent chatbots, driverless cars, personal digital assistance, health care assistance are modifying the technology base with enhancement.


Deep learning algorithms are implemented to fulfil AI-based interaction such as Facebook DeepText engine, eCommerce chatbots, image processing engines, recognition algorithms, and so on. To analyse, interpret, and improve user experience, such algorithms can help you to predict user behaviour and identify the ultimate intentions of users.


To make the online purchase more effective and easier, advanced algorithms and applications of AI are widely used in the eCommerce industry. With the final destination of better user experience, mCommerce application development is enjoying the popularity through many advanced tools and frameworks.


For eCommerce, AI is trying to uncover the purposes of the user and reaching to the deep analysis phase to streamline the user experience.


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