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Ever since its inception, Magento has been at the center of attraction among the retailers and online store owners. Online store owners are analyzing the ins and outs of the free version of Magento. As it is free of cost, it has become a right choice for the business owners or retailers having a little budget for eCommerce development.

There is no doubt that Magento is suitable to develop each and every kind of eCommerce websites or online store, but the heart of Magento development is the themes. You can find plenty of free as well as premium over the internet or you can go for custom Magento theme development to get your personalized Magento theme. The Magento themes can either make or break your online business and therefore, it is crucial for the online store owners to pay a lot more attention when it comes to choose the right kind of theme for their eCommerce website.

Today, many online store owners are using a freely available theme for their online store due to shrinking budgets, but is it really a right choice? In today’s fiercely competitive market, it has become imperative for the online store owners to create remarkable online presence. In such scenario, whether online retailers should go for a FREE or Custom/Premium Magento themes? Let’s find it out!

Free Magento Themes:


• Well, FREE means you don’t have to pay a single penny to use such themes on your website. You can find them easily at Magento store or other third party websites.

• Additionally, you can install plugins in your site with the free version to improve the strength of your website.

• You will not have the compulsion of using version on any certain number of sites or blogs.

• It is very to install such free themes on your site. Even a non-technical user can install it on the go.

• You just need to navigate to your dashboard to install this version on your site.


• It has a few restrictions, such as you can easily find other websites using the same theme, which at the reduces the chances of your site being noticed by the users who have already visited site having a similar look and feel.

• It is not possible to update your theme with the latest features.

• Your website won’t look unique and will fail to represent your business.

What about Custom Magento Themes?

Advantages: –

• Gives your site a modern and appealing look, which can help you cope up with your competitors on the go.

• Ease of providing a customer-driven look and feel of your eCommerce website.

• With the help of user-friendly features and creatively designed user interface, it will help you keep the bounce rate low.

• SEO-friendly design will help Google robots to index your web pages easily.


• It is necessary for you to approach custom Magento theme development service provider to get your own and personalized theme.

• You may have to pay a bit higher price for the customization of your theme based on the features included within your website.

• It will require a lot of time to get prepared and installed on your website as compared to the free themes.

• You will have to keep your site up to date to cope up with the market trends and to maintain the outcome.

The verdict…

If you’re having a limited budget and the look ‘n’ feel of your website is the lowest priority for your online store, then free Magento themes are the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you wish to get unique and fully customized theme for your website that can help you stand out differently from your competitors, then custom Magento themes are the best choice.

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