In order to accomplish the core idea of information sharing on a global platform covering major insights on Magento, the dominant platform for ecommerce, the Magento Imagine 2017 event had a flying start on 3rd April in Las Vegas, USA.

Imagine 2017 is hosting 2,500 including Magento experts, technology providers and industrialists over the world. Ecomextension is proudly participating at Imagine 2017 that denotes the enhanced step for Magento expertise.


Experiencing the expertise in Magento development and various Magento integration services, Ecomextension is a proud participant at world’s biggest Magento gathering, Imagine 2017. To gain the competitive advantages and analyzing Magento potential over others in the ecommerce world, Magento Imagine, the prominent event of Magento venture, drawing the attention of Magento experts and ecommerce store owners from all over the world. And to represent the Ecomextension, Brainvire’s subsidiary division, in this global event, the CEO of Brainvire, Mr. Chintan Shah, and leading project architect, Mr. Bhavesh Surani attended the opening day of the event.

The event has started on 3rd April, so here we’re to share our Ecomextension activities and agenda on the very first day with the insightful commencement of the Imagine 2017.

Started with registration activity of the event followed by continental breakfast together, the event majorly addressed the Payment integration, Magento Business Intelligence, Marketplace extension quality program tips, Magento 2 marketing features, security features and more on user experience through Magento and so on.

Below are the ideas and debates that took place on the first day of Imagine 2017

Taking On Payment Strategy to Enable Growth:

In the ecommerce world, payment makes more sense in order to facilitate customer with broader and quick payment strategy to drive conversion. The right payment strategy plays a vital role in customer experience and gathering new customers. This core agenda of ‘more than getting paid’ discussed and addressed by moderator Andy Barker (Sr. Director of Strategy and growth, Global payments, Magento commerce) and the speakers were Justin Finnegan( COO, Gorilla Group), Lindsay Hunt (VP Sales & Administration, SuperATV) Darin Lynch, (CEO & Founder, Irish Titan), and Ryan Zarlengo, (Digital Marketing & eCommerce Director, They shared their valuable insights and explored the potential of ideal payment strategy in upcoming time.

Derive Magento Business Intelligence and Data-Driven Strategies:

Analyzing the sales and customer behavior of many ecommerce store owners, the researched presentation that carried out by Robert Moore, Head of Magento Business Intelligence. To drive the growth factor, he shared helpful guidelines that help to perform best in this competitive era.

Magento Marketplace Extension Quality Program:

If you’re willing to sell your extension in Magento Marketplace, it must pass the Extension Quality Program (EQP) before you proceed further. This session conducted by Jason Cochran, Head of Marketplace Engineering, Magento commerce and discovered the tips to clear everything about Magento extension.

A comprehensive guide on Magento 2: Advanced Marketing features

This seminar addressed the key features of Magento 2 enterprise edition and deep dive session by Hillary Corney, Magento U Business architect, Magento commerce through the series of insightful demonstrations.

Mobile Conversion and Omnichannel Solution with Magento Order Management

With the rapid enhancement in mobile conversions and mobile device shopping across the mobile device, to accommodate the finest user experience is something everyone has to understand for ecommerce advancement. Jon Higby, Manager of Solution Engineering for Partners, PayPal and Ben Marks, Evangelist, Magento Commerce shared the challenges and solution to drive the higher engagement ratio.

Afterward, Mark Hatch, Director Product Delivery, Magento Commerce explained the common scenario related to Magento Commerce Order Management and experience the smoother conduct of your ecommerce store with enhanced omnichannel features.

The better user experience, UI elements, Magento Migration from 1 to 2, comprehensive and robust Magento security features, a guide to Magento enterprise cloud edition use and features, these are the concepts addressed by the industry experts and Magento professionals that helped to understand the overall picture with pros and cons.

About Ecomextension:

Ecomextension is leading Magento solution provider along with extensions, Marketplace integrations, Magento Migration services and Multivendor Marketplace. Leveraging the skills and use of latest technology the company has delivered a number of solutions to the clientele across the world.

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