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Magento is an incredible eCommerce platform with features to enable convenient and secure online shopping experiences to the customers. Entrepreneurs today are also looking up to Magento when it comes to taking their businesses online because of the impeccable features of this eCommerce platform like the high flexibility to incorporate custom functionalities, scalability to adapt to the changing requirements and effective payment integrations for easy and secure shopping experiences.

According to recent statistics, there are more than 2,50,000 businesses around using the Magento products. Hence, it’s not surprising that demand for Magento skills is on high as more and more businesses look up to hire Magento developers or a well-known Magento development company to suffice their eCommerce development needs.

Businesses often face difficulties in finding good developers who can fulfill their needs exactly the way they want. Here are a few reliable tips for the enterprises looking to hire dedicated Magento developers for their eCommerce web development needs.

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First of All, Understand Your Needs

Before you hire Magento web developer for your needs, make sure you get clear with your requirements – whether you need someone to assist you with your ongoing eCommerce portal needs or if you are looking for one-time help from experts to get your business online with Magento eCommerce development.

This is important because there could be situations where the developers prefer to take up only short-term contracts while a few developers would not find enough time to work on time-consuming projects. Hence, you need someone who can allow enough time for your project and be willing to work on the project size or type as that of yours.

A better way to find whether the developer is apt for your needs or not is to get him work on a demo project like that of yours or to check out with his work profile to find if he has previously worked on a project similar to that of yours or not.

Calculate your budget requirements and list out the competencies or technology proficiencies you want the developer to have in order to suit your project requirements. Make out whom you are looking for – a freelancer or a well-established Magento development company for your eCommerce development needs. Hence, with all these things clear in your mind, it shall be quite easy for you to hire a right Magento developer for best results to your needs.


Where can You Find Them?

There are various ways and sources through which you can find developers best for your needs.

Ask Your Friends, Family & Relatives

The primary of all these sources is your personal network. You can recommend your friends, family or relatives to suggest you with someone trustworthy and proficient in Magento eCommerce development. Personal experience matters and hence, do not trust those who your friends or relatives have just heard about and have no prior experience with them.


Magento Solution Partners Community

Magento’s solution partners can help you any kind of Magento implementation. These partners have access to services, products or training from Magento and hence, can help you out with your needs well. Moreover, you can also find them according to your needs through filters which can help you find the Magento partners as per location and specialization.


Magento Certification Directory

Magento’s certification directory is a place where you can find certified Magento developers to work on your project. If you are looking to hire Magento developer rather than a development company for your eCommerce development needs, then this is just the right place for you. Here you can find the best and skillful Magento developers for your requirements.


Social Networks

Social media websites are the hottest ventures to spread a word about almost anything. Hence, you can just put up messages on the top social channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc., to let people know that you are looking to hire Magento web developer. You can tweet on Twitter with most relevant hashtags, look up on LinkedIn for those who have mentioned Magento as their skill or can join and search through Facebook groups of Magento developers.


Points to Consider While Hiring a Magento Developer

Experience in Magento development, customization or maintenance as per requirement

Style and quality of work of developer through brief review of his/her projects

Thorough knowledge and skills for efficient handling of Magento project

Experience of working on diverse client projects or various industry sector projects

Price they charge for a project as that of yours and time period to complete the project


Wrapping Up…

The surge of Magento demand has led businesses to turn up to Magento eCommerce development for competitive advantage. It’s quite difficult finding the right developers for specific Magento development needs of the enterprises. Hence, an enterprise requires adapting a proper search process including steps like locating their intent requirements for Magento development, finding developers through various sources and considering judgmental factors like developer’s experience, knowledge, skills, price and quality of work is necessary to find the right developers.

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