Mobile Advertising Strategy

Here is a mobile year yet again!

Yet again, the year revolves around mobile.

This is the mobile era full of mobile payments, mobile commerce, mobile social networks and, mobile advertising. There was a time when advertising was best fit for radios and TVs. now online promotion and mobile advertising have been added to that list. Over the recent time, mobile advertising significantly took the main center to let the people know about your services or products more closely.

Additionally, due to personalization and targeted ad campaigns through mobiles, companies are getting the better response from the interested people. Let me tell you one thing, advertising through mobile becomes the necessity nowadays! As we extensively use mobile apps more than our desktops and laptops, we see a variety of ads in different formats. Instead of seeing billboards throughout the whole day, we come across plenty of ads surfing our mobile apps.

Of course, digital media is taking center stage! The drastic and dramatically improved results through the mobile media consumption are already on the leading way. We can observe that mobile has taken ownership over desktop’s usage. So it’s not a question that how mobile apps are important for targeting the people and leveraging mobile apps for your seamless advertising approach.

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Based on devices, preferences, interests, and locations, mobile ad platforms allow you to create different types of advertising campaigns. Mobile advertising is increasing and in some time, it will create a bigger impact on the mobile economy.

Project to reaching near about $200 billion by 2019, global mobile advertising spending report shows that companies are in favor of mobile advertising.

The report by eMarketer:


Source: eMarketer

Still, you can’t get the thing?

Let me tell you more. Whether it is an automotive or ecommerce industry, mobile advertising showing their clear implications and 88% of clicks on mobile search ads are incremental to organic clicks. Adoption of the technological solution in every sector is brimming and it will continue to grow with more optimized and effective tech solutions.

To satisfy the user’s wants and fulfill the upcoming needs, mobile app development industry also sat up with the updated and advanced tools. Videos, audios, text banners, classifieds, online banner ads, text ads on smartphones and, search based on the recent searches through the SERP results are currently summed up comprehensively in mobile advertising way.

The noticeable points which describe why mobile advertising is so effective are:

• The visibility of mobile advertising is more than the desktop ads.

• Mobile social networks have grown in popularity and mobile advertising campaigns highly use social networks for better advertising.

• The majority of time spent by the people is in mobile applications and mobile usage.

• Across all the age segments internet usage is standard, irrespective of the culture and industry use.

• Ecommerce and online businesses are increasing and gaining competitive advantages in order to attract users through tempting ads.

There is no doubt that mobile has again the focus attention among media industry, publishers, and advertisers. Facebook and twitter ad campaign are already being a winning factor and creates insightful statistics to promote the businesses. For instance, Coca Cola has gained command over mobile advertising through tempting ads.


Credit: Pinterest

Big brands have obtained more form mobile advertising focusing on personalization advertisement environment. Attractive short videos made us click and drive us to the destination!

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However, Location-based mobile advertising has earned significant usage advantages because it is more effective, more personalized and timely. Due to its rapidity, it comes within reach of the bigger audience on the ground. It is the more personal dimension of mobile advertising. It allows you define your marketing strategies and advertising campaigns based on customer’s geographic location.

The normal behavior of users regarding particular product or services can be collected and analyzed to form a marketing strategy. Based on the analysis you can provide various services and offers which may encourage them. Accurate analysis of user activities within particular places would definitely help you achieve some excellent result for your advertising strategies.

geographic location

Facebook ads in Mobile

Every user seeks their personalized era of interest and searches accordingly. Mobile downloads, useful campaigns and, search strategies are very helpful to make relatively targeted advertising. One thing that would draw your attention here is, there is a notable difference between mobile advertising and its spending. Many a time it happens that the ad is not relevant and it is not that effective which converts into clicks. Cookies and session tracking, monitored events on the app or website should be effectively framed so as you can observe the exact behavior of the users and suggest accordingly.

Short videos and animated images would draw the attention of users. To use mobile advertising to its potential, create a compelling and insightful advertisement and let users give their preferences according to their taste.

Last Line:

Concluding all the statistics and analysis in one sentence, mobile is a major aspect of the advertising industry. Using appropriate analysis and different prospects mobile advertising can definitely drive the users onboard. Get your hands on mobile advertising to leverage incremental uprising in user engagement ratio. Use mobility solution to make your web presence global and dynamic.

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